10 Perfect Holiday Gifts For Your Picky Tween-ager

The dreaded tween years; not quite old enough to be a teenager but not really a child anymore. I have one of those in my home at the moment, and holiday shopping can be especially tricky for this age group. At this age, they’ve developed a sense of personal style and preferences that you may or may not know well. They also crave that youth-like feeling that comes with receiving toys for the holidays, so their list can be very broad. 

There is a big chance you may know your tween child well enough to get a few of their favorite items this year, but if you need a bit more help bulking up the items under the tree, I’ve compiled a shoppable list of ideas my tween daughter is asking for this year. Chances are, your gift recipient will love them too! One thing is for certain, tweens change their minds often, so be sure to snag a gift receipt for it all!

Tween Gifts

Smiley Face Slippers

tween gifts

These adorable and comfy smiley face slippers are cute enough to get a pair for yourself! Watch them come home and immediately fall into their new cozy buddies as they work on homework.


Aedaga Alcohol Markers

tween gifts

Art is an easy win when it comes to tweens, and this marker set is no exception. It comes with over 165 color options and the reviews for their marker quality are pretty good.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera with Fujifilm

This Polaroid camera set is the coolest set ever for a future photographer! It comes with everything you need to get you started and store your memories.

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Classic Mini II Uggs

The coziest shoes ever made make for the perfect present this year! A classic pair of Uggs will last your tween a few seasons, and thank goodness the style has remained a classic closet staple.


LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Swag Fashion Doll 

These dolls are not like the dolls you would play with as a kid. The details on the “OMG” pieces are kind of extraordinary, and I myself am a big fan! Consider them a more grown up version of the dolls they used to play with, as well as something they can display.


Hapinest DIY Wall Collage 

tween gifts
A fun way for your tween to express themselves and showcase their favorite photos and memories! The DIY aspect of it makes it easy for them to customize it to their aesthetic.


Fuzzy Hoodie

tween gifts
This jacket is the perfect combination of cute and cozy. It comes in multiple color choices, and you can’t beat the price!


Mind-glowing 3D Galaxy Moon Lamp 

Perfect for the tween who has that earthy aesthetic to their room. This moon lamp comes with 16 color choices and a remote control. Super unique idea and a great price too!


Initial Stud Earrings

These stud earrings are colorful, yet they go with everything. Adds that little pop of color, and the monogrammed feel adds a bit of maturity.


Fidget Ring

Fidget rings are totally a thing, and you wouldn’t know these were it by looking at them! Discreet yet trendy, these designs will add some personality to their outfit, while helping them with the anxieties that come from being a tween.



Tell us what you think of our tween gift picks in the comments!

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