I Tried Cooking With Misen’s Dutch Oven — Here’s My Review

First, I want to issue a huge thank you to Misen for sending me one of their dutch ovens to review. This means I can now return the one I’ve been “borrowing” for over a year, and I’m sure its owner will be happy to get it back.

I’m a huge fan of dutch ovens because they’re so versatile. They can go from the stovetop straight into the oven, and Misen’s comes with a super cool additional feature — a lid that doubles as a stovetop grill. Umm, yes please?! 

I couldn’t wait to try it out, so for dinner I whipped up some chicken, rice and mushrooms. Here’s how it went.


What’s So Special About Misen’s Dutch Oven?

You may be wondering why the world is so in love with Misen’s Kickstarter-backed dutch oven. I have the answers.

First, it’s super durable, thanks to its four layers of ceramic enamel — you don’t have to worry about it chipping with every slight bump. The enamel is sprayed over a cast iron core, ensuring even cooking every time. No worries about your stove type: gas, induction, and electric are all safe to use, and it can withstand up to 500°F in the oven. 

And when it comes to size, Misen has taken your needs into consideration. Its base is wider than its competitors, giving you more room to cook, and its wide handles make it easier to grip with oven mitts on.

It’s truly a rock star in the kitchen.

My Review

Ok, I love this little guy. Or I guess I should say big guy? There’s nothing “little” about this dutch oven — its 7-quart capacity takes me back to my days of living in houses with 10+ other people and needing to cook dinner for everyone. dutch oven

First off, just look at it — it’s gorgeous. Misen sent me the blue dutch oven, but they also have green, red, grey, and black options.

I cooked my chicken thighs on the grill lid and everything else — rice, mushrooms, onions, etc. — in the pot. The pot took slightly longer to heat up than I’m used to, but once it did get to temperature, it retained heat well and cooked everything evenly. I usually have to adjust the stove temperature during cooking (don’t ask me why I can never find that sweet spot) but I didn’t have to for this dinner — Misen’s dutch oven held its heat well.

misen misen dutch oven

The grill lid heated up beautifully as well, and it got hot without getting smoky, which is a problem I have with my other pans that sometimes heat up too quickly. I got those definable grill lines on my chicken thighs (which made me very happy) and although it’s obviously missing the smoky flavor of some fresh-off-the-grill meat, it was still easy to cook perfectly. 

And in case you’re wondering what lid I used on the pot while my grill lid was doing its grill thing — Misen includes a silicone lid so your dutch oven can do double duty. I’ve never encountered a silicone lid before, but I dig it, especially because it’s pretty one-size-fits-all, so I can use it on my other cookware as well.

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As for cleaning, I can say with complete honesty that I was shocked at how easy it was to wash the pot. I literally rinsed it with water and EVERYTHING that was left came off. Everything. Of course I still scrubbed with soap, but come on — for a pot to look clean after just running it under some water? Sold.

Cleaning the grill lid was (expectedly) a bit of a different story, and I for sure had to scrub a bit to get those leftover bits of chicken off. But they weren’t so stuck that I found myself reaching for any other tools to help — just needed a bit more elbow grease.

Next I’m going to try baking bread in the dutch oven, and I can’t wait!


Have you tried Misen’s dutch oven? Do you love it? Tell us in the comments!

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