Lower Back Stretches For When You’ve Spent Too Much Time Curled Up On The Couch

If you are anything like me, you spend an inordinate amount of time on the couch. Hopefully, you are not and you haven’t gone full couch potato, but it’s too late for me. There is an actual dented outline of my body on my sofa. 

Granted, the chaise lounge part where I plant myself for long periods of time is 10 years old, but that is no excuse. 

And although that cozy couch of yours may look like an ally, sometimes it can be anything but comfortable. If you sit or lie down on the couch for too long, you may wind up in worse discomfort than you were before – which is when these lower back stretches can come in handy.

But first, we want to know why your soft sofa could cause you pain, because that is straight up betrayal in our opinion.

Why Is Your Cuddly Couch Hurting You?

One problem is that slouching in the cushions won’t give you proper back support. Furthermore, the deactivation of the stabilizing muscles around the spine and pelvis that results from prolonged sitting is a major contributor to persistent back pain.

Okay, that is just rude. Poor posture factors into it as well, according to Today.

“We put on our favorite sweats and assume the position: rounding our shoulders, hunching our backs and becoming one with the couch. This typical poor posture — the “couch slouch” — may feel comfortable, but it can actually lead to shoulder and back pain and overall stiffness in the body,” says Today.

But fret not, fellow couch slouchers. Check out these lower back stretches to alleviate your aching back, relax your tense shoulders, and unwind your tight neck.

Lower Back Stretches

Figure Four

lower back stretches

  • Sit on the couch with bent knees and flat feet. 

  • Left foot over right thigh. 

  • Left-foot flex. 

  • Lean forward to stretch your left glute. 

  • Relax your head and neck on the couch while holding the stretch.

Hamstring Stretch

  • Stand facing the couch. 

  • Put your right foot on the sofa and straighten your leg. 

  • Bring your chest toward your leg to stretch your hamstrings. 

  • Hold, then lower your right foot and repeat with your left.

Hip Flexor Stretch

  • Facing the couch, step your left foot back and your right foot up. 

  • Hands on hips, left leg straight. 

  • Bend your right knee to extend your hips. 

  • Hold and repeat with your left foot on the couch.


  • Straighten your legs on the couch. 

  • Lift both legs 45 degrees toward your chest using your abs. 

  • Raise your upper body to make a “V” shape. 

  • Keeping your legs together, straighten them and reach your arms overhead. 

  • Ten-second hold, repeat 3 times.


Fellow couch potatoes, tell us if you’ll try these lower back stretches in the comments!

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