Time To Get Cozy! Here’s How To Make Your Bedroom Hygge

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I don’t think there’s anything that sounds as enticing as getting cozy in my home with the fire on, my blankets wrapped around me, and calming music playing out of every speaker in the house. 

The feeling that comes from doing all of these cozy activities is ‘hygge’ and it’s high time we made our homes hygge.

What is Hygge?

‘Hygge’ is a word and lifestyle that has been on everyone’s tongue recently. I think we could all use a bit of cozying up and an extra dose of security in our lives right now. The definition of hygge is “the feeling of coziness and contentment evoked by simple comforts such as being wrapped in a blanket, having good conversations, enjoying food, etc.” Other enjoyments include things like reading a book in a candlelit bubble bath, spending quality time with loved ones at home, or going for a long walk in the great outdoors. The phrase and practice come from Danish culture, where they get extra cozy as they head into winter months. 

We’re all in favor of bundling up in the spirit of hygge, and we’re going to help you hygge-fy your home for the coming seasons!

How to Make a Hygge Bedroom

Once you have all of the elements you need for your perfect hygge bedroom, you can continue to make it your own. The first thing you want to do when you’re hygge-fying your room is to declutter. Marie Kondo your life and throw out anything that doesn’t bring you joy or emit a feeling of comfort to you. 

Also, incorporate natural light as much as possible. You can’t feel completely at ease if you’re always surrounded by electronics and artificial lighting. On that note, go ahead and cover up any technology that looks harsh by storing it in the cabinet, if at all possible. Having electronics out and about negates the sense of calm, something very not hygge. 

Once you’re done remaking your home, add as many cozy touches as you can. You should never be in a room without pillows and blankets to spare!

Other Ways to Hygge Your Home

You don’t have to stop with just your bedroom when you’re making your home more hygge. Add touches of greenery and other bits of nature into your house. You can also take advantage of cozy nooks by turning them into reading nooks! 

However you make your home hygge, always remember to keep it inviting, tidy, and clutter-free so you’re never stressed in your little hygge haven.

Creating a Hygge Bedroom

The bedroom is more than likely the place where you want to get the coziest in your house. Make sure to find linens, bedding, lighting, and decor that are all on theme with your hygge inspiration.


The bed is one of the most important factors of the room because it’s more than likely the largest part. It should be the foundation for the room’s hygge theme. Look for wooden furniture, comfortable mattresses, and lots of blankets.

Pottery Barn
Super Chunky Knit Throw
Dafinner Cloud Down Alternative 3-Piece Comforter Set
Middlebrook Designs
Middlebrook Blaney Solid Wood Spindle Platform Bed


The key for a hygge home is to cut out any harsh lighting. Harsh lighting diminishes the feeling of warmth and comfort in your bedroom. When you’re looking for lighting, find lights that have a dimmer. You can also opt for yellow lights instead of white and choose candles instead of lamps!

Urban Outfitters
Little Glass Table Lamp in Gold
Sunset Lamp Projection
George Oliver
Tray Table Floor Lamp


As with every home, the decor is what really makes it stand out. Hygge decor is super important to creating your dream home because there shouldn’t be too much of it. It’s not hygge to have clutter, so what you do have should stand out. Look for decor with neutral colors. White, gray, and beige transmit a sense of serenity and calm throughout your home.

Large Rattan-Framed Mirror
Large Bubbles Plant Pot
Hearth & Hand
Slatted Wood Accent Chair

Are you excited to make your home a hygge haven? Let us know how you’re going to do it! Comment below!

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