Mom To Mom: The Best Family Beach Trip Packing List

Summer is officially here, and so are the endless days spent at the beach as a family. I remember spending almost every day with my little brother on the beach with my mom, making sand castles and enjoying the sounds of the waves while I ate my lunch.

Because my mom was a teacher, she was able to spend the summer with us, and the beach was her favorite place to be. Sometimes we would go back at night and make a bonfire and roast marshmallows when my dad was off work. It’s not hard to see why spending time at the beach as a family is a popular choice during the summer time.

Because this activity has become a tradition for families over the years, many have come up with interesting tricks and inventions to make the day more enjoyable for all. These things certainly aren’t necessary to enjoy your day at the beach, but they will make the day a bit more special, depending on your family’s needs.

When I go to the beach, I try to avoid getting sand in basically everything I own. If I could enjoy the beach without the hassle of sand, that would be perfect for me! There is no denying that the beach can be the perfect place to build family memories, but these buys make the experience better! 

Super Large Mesh Bag

large mesh beach bag

Carry everything from those oddly shaped sand toys to towels and more with these large mesh bags! The mesh helps shake out any loose sand that you don’t want to take home with you in the car, and it provides the ability to see everything you packed. Kids will bring all kinds of things to the beach, so the bag’s generous size really helps out!


Beach Tent For Shade

beach tent

Depending on the time of day you go to the beach, you can hit some pretty hot temperatures. Bringing a small foldable beach tent that can provide shade when needed is a real lifesaver, especially for small children. Because of its convenient folding size, it is easy to carry with you alongside your other items and can give some needed shade when the sun is hitting its hardest.


Surfer Dude Wave-Powered Toy

surfer dude wave powered toy

This is such a cool and inventive beach toy! All you do is place the surfer in the water and wait for the wave to take him in! Throw him as far as you want and he will ride back to the shore every time. I also love that it comes in a variety of character options, making it a toy that every kid can enjoy. We always carry surfer Rick with us whenever we go to the beach! 


Outdoor Game Set

JOGENMAX Outdoor Game Set 

This fun inflatable ball game is an easy crowd pleaser and a great way to take a break from the sand and surf as a family! 


Phone Umbrella

phone umbrella

OK, this sounds insane, but I swear you need this! How many times have you been lounging in your beach chair and trying to browse on your phone but the heat keeps you from doing it for longer than a minute? Keep the glare and sun away with this cute and functional “phone umbrella.”

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Functional Beach Cup Holder 

beach cupholder

Imagine taking the cup holder out of your car and literally being able to use it on the sand. Seems odd, but this functional holder can protect and keep anything from submerging in the sand. From your keys and phone, to sunglasses and your favorite drink, this smart little invention will keep your important accessories above the sand. 


Portable Bluetooth Speaker

portable bluetooth speaker 

This portable waterproof speaker makes any beach day just that much better. It can easily clip onto the side of your beach chair or tent, and it provides 10 hours of play time. Blast your favorite tunes without worry! 


S’mores Caddy

aoocan marshmallow roasting sticks 

Make s’mores night at the beach a breeze with this caddy. Gone are the days of balancing your graham cracker on your leg while assembling your s’more. This caddy can carry all your needs and can also double as an assembly table. It also comes with skewer sticks, making this the best s’mores invention ever!


Giant Sand Proof Blanket

wekapo sand proof beach blanket

Keep the entire family dry and sand free with this giant beach blanket! It comes with stakes to keep it from flying away, and it’s big enough to fit the entire family and more! 


Whether you snag anything we listed above or simply pack up what you own, the beach is a great idea for the family to enjoy together! 


What’s your favorite family beach activity? Did we miss any essentials on our list? Share your beach toys and necessities with us in the comments below!

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