Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts You Can Make With The Kids

What better way to get the kids involved this Valentine’s Day than by making some fun and unique cards for loved ones? When it comes to creating a special card, sometimes all you need are a few unique household items and some glue, and you’re all set.

If you head to familiar sites like Pinterest, there are a bunch of fun ideas that range from simple to intricate, and we’ve collected our favorite five for you to try with your littles! Add these creations to a nice gift basket or mail to a distant loved one. Either way, it’ll create a fun tradition for your family to incorporate every year.

Needle Heart Card

diy valentines

This DIY Valentine (originally from Real Simple) is a simple concept to do but should be done with adult supervision because of the sharp needle. To begin, cut your construction paper to the desired card size. Use a hole punch to shape a heart on the front of the card. Take a thick yarn and needle and criss-cross until the heart is filled. Once you’re done, tie a knot at the end of the yarn and cut off the remaining part. Write your message inside and you’re done!

“We Just Fit” Puzzle Piece Card

diy valentines

To begin, cut and fold your piece of construction paper to the desired size. Find two small puzzle pieces you’re okay parting with and paint the front of them red. Once dried, glue them onto the front of the card. Underneath, use a black Sharpie to write “We Just Fit.” Thanks to Real Simple for this one!

Heart Caterpillar Card

diy valentines 

Perfect for the kids to send to a friend! Start by cutting and folding a white piece of construction paper into a card shape. Find 3-4 shades of pink, red, and purple paper and cut 3 small hearts. Cut a small circle. Glue tiny craft eyes and use a black marker to draw feet and a smile. Thanks to Kids Activities for this one!

“King Of My Heart” Card

diy valentines

Such a fun and simple design! Start by cutting and folding a piece of construction paper to shape a card. Take a king of hearts playing card from a deck and glue it onto the front of the card. Once you’re done, write the words “King Of My Heart” with a black marker underneath.

“You Light Up My Life” Candle Card 

Start by cutting and folding a white piece of construction paper. Take 3-4 birthday candles (preferably in red or pink) and glue them to the front of the card. You may need a hot glue gun for these to stay. Once glued on, take a red marker and draw small hearts above the candles to represent flames. Under the candles write the words “You Light Up My Life” in black marker. 

These are just a handful of cute and creative ways to make some homemade cards this year. Not only is it a fun activity, but it personalizes the holiday that much more!


Have you made these or any other Valentine’s crafts with your family this year? Share your creations in the comment section below!

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