Plan The Perfect ‘Galentine’s Day’ Party For All Your Best Girlfriends

Valentine’s Day is a unique holiday — you either love it, hate it, or simply do not acknowledge Feb. 14. 

Whether you are looking forward to or dreading the heart and flower-filled event, we have a plan for you — Galentine’s Day. 

What’s this, you ask? 

Galentine’s is strictly you and your girlfriends recognizing and celebrating your friendships. 

Whether you want to send your bestie a gift or have a gaggle of your closest gals over for a party, we have put together a great list of gifts and ideas for Galentine’s Day!

Wine and Chocolate Night

Rom-Com Movie Night

I do this every year but my movie pick isn’t a rom-com – it’s Sense and Sensibility, which is a bit of a downer but it’s Jane Austen. It’s about love and it counts. 

You may prefer lighter fare, so get your girls over and come to a consensus about what the flick of the night will be — may I suggest The Proposal, The Wedding Date, or Just Go With It. Or you could go with the classic Titanic and debate whether Rose could’ve made room for Jack on that dang door (she totally could have scooched over). 

galentines day ideas
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galentines day ideas
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galentines day ideas
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A Girly Pool Party

Pool parties are always fun and joyful, especially for Galentine’s Day. If you or one of your friends have a pool, don’t lose the chance. Pick up a theme that will be loved by your friends too, prepare some decorations according to the theme, think of snacks, sweets, and drinks, and voila`, your pool party is ready.  You can also find unique and customized pool floats matching your girly theme, to bring more uniqueness to the party.

Galentine’s Day Brunch

Who doesn’t adore brunch on Sundays? It doesn’t have to be a Sunday-only thing, so get together for a V-Day brunch and indulge in mimosas and whatever delicious breakfast fare you want to munch on — you can dine out or cook for them at home!

Paint And Sip

For you creative types, painting and wine are a match made in heaven. Mix these two things on Valentine’s Day with your crew for an instant good time! You can book spaces for this event or you can buy your own materials (and snag a Winc wine subscription) and do it at your place. Art therapy and wine? Yes, please!

Game Night

Game nights are so much fun — but on Galentine’s Day, you can make it a themed game night. The possibilities are endless. There is a Valentine’s Day Family Feud, Friend or Faux, The Hygge Game, and For The Girls Game (No boys allowed!) Have a fun Galentine’s night with a funny adult card game paired with a few glasses of wine or some margs. The girls-only party game inspires women to dig deeper, get personal, and let loose.

You can even do your own scavenger hunt, if you’re feeling inspired!

Weekend Getaway

Pack up the car and hit the road for a weekend getaway with your ladies. It’s a perfect way to get out of too-familiar surroundings, explore new places, and de-stress for a few days. 

We suggest a spa getaway, a wine tasting excursion, or even heading to a cozy mountain cabin or ski resort. You don’t have to ski, you can sit around a fire drinking hot chocolate. Or you can ski, it’s your weekend getaway!

Appreciation Notes

I love the idea of appreciation notes and they shouldn’t be reserved for a holiday, but life gets busy. So, on Valentine’s Day, start the tradition by writing down why you appreciate your friends and celebrating the bonds you have and what you love about them. 

Slumber Party

Sleepovers are always a blast. Invite your besties over for a night in your favorite PJs and do whatever your heart desires. Watch movies, do karaoke, do makeup and masks, and have the ultimate all-night catch-up. 

The Anti-Valentine Galentine Get Together

If you’re all single and not a fan of V-Day, host an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party and celebrate your freedom by talking a ton of shit about why you hate the day and looove being single. It’s fun, I swear. No one will end up in tears (well, there may be a few tears). But you’re together with your fave gals and that makes everything better.

Host An At-Home Mani/Pedi Party

La vie en Bloom Deluxe Gel Manicure Set includes everything you need for an at-home gel manicure. It includes a full-size LED lamp in a shiny Cherry Blossom shade, plus, four exclusive gel polish colors…all wrapped in a cute, pink floral gift box!

Sure, you could pay a ton at the nail salon with your gals for a so-so time, but you probably won’t be sitting near each other and getting to dish. 

Or, you can treat them (or get others to pitch in) and buy a good gel manicure set that you can use at someone’s home where you can catch up on all the latest gossip while drinking alcohol. This choice seems easy!

Face Masks

Is there a rule as to how many face masks you can use in one night? Not that I’m aware of, so go crazy! You and your friends can choose which goo to paste on your face, but I am definitely grabbing the Like Butter Mask. Seriously, your face will feel like butter after removal. 


Galentine’s Day is a great way to celebrate your friendships! What do you think of our ideas? Tell us below!

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