Worried About Thinning Hair? We Found Treatments That Will Help

If you’re panicking over thinning hair or hair loss, you are not alone. 

Loss or thinning of your tresses happens to both men and women, although we tend to associate the condition to males, mostly because it’s obvious when it happens to them. 

But we’re here to talk about us, so let’s dive into the causes of hair loss or thinning in females — and what will and won’t help. 

Hair loss occurs for a variety of reasons and there could be underlying causes involved, so it’s important to determine the cause before searching for a product and spending money on something that won’t work.

Causes Of Hair Loss

We talked to sports nutritionist Cristina Caldwell, MS, CISSN, about the causes. 

“Hair loss or thinning can certainly be caused by a lack of nutrients or lack of calories,” she says. “Hair loss has many different reasons, mainly genetics, hormone imbalances, menopause, certain medications, iron deficiency, lack of enough nutrients/too much of certain nutrients, etc. 

“So while nutrition isn’t the only thing that plays into hair loss or growth, it is definitely a contributing factor.” 

Caldwell says certain vitamin deficiencies are believed to be involved in hair loss and growth, including:

  • Zinc

  • Vitamin C

  • Vitamin D

  • B-vitamins

  • Iron

She adds “If you’re too low in calories or in protein, this can cause hair loss,” and that having too much Vitamin A has been shown to cause hair loss. 

Caldwell suggests eating nutrient-dense foods and/or taking a high quality multivitamin. 

And it’s important to make sure you’re not iron deficient. 

“Ensuring you’re eating enough calories, ensuring you’re consuming enough protein, and consuming omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to help stop and prevent hair loss,” she tells us. 

Maintaining Healthy Hair

We asked her if any of the products marketed to prevent or help hair thinning, such as shampoos containing biotin, actually work. 

“There is no scientific evidence that taking biotin will help with hair loss unless you present with a biotin deficiency,” she says. 

“But there is definitely a link to healthy hair with both biotin and collagen — both are imperative to hair health.”

Caldwell says that without a biotin deficiency, biotin hasn’t been shown to be beneficial, but collagen gives rise to keratin, which is a protein essential to creating hair. 

“Collagen is incredibly abundant in the body, and right now there are peer-reviewed, randomized clinical trials (that I’ve seen upon researching) showing that taking it will help hair growth.”

That sounds promising, but Caldwell says if you’re getting enough calories, nutrients, and protein, you shouldn’t need to supplement. 

“Though if you’d like to try collagen to see if it helps, there isn’t any risk of harm,” she adds. 

Her suggestions when looking for collagen (there are over 20 types) include collagen type 1 and adding vitamin C for better absorption.  

It’s not all bad news — this doesn’t mean you can’t do trial and error with thickening shampoos to see if they help! They certainly can’t hurt. 

Hair Thinning Treatments That Help

Healthline researched and put together a list of beneficial ingredients for thinning hair

  • Histidine: This amino acid absorbs excess copper from hair, shielding it from UVA and UVB damage.

  • Phyto-caffeine: Caffeine has been found to suppress excess testosterone in the hair root. Testosterone can suppress hair growth on the head in men and women.

  • Niacin (vitamin B3): This vitamin promotes hair fullness. It also stimulates circulation and blood flow in the scalp.

  • Essential oils: A number of essential oils have been shown to thicken hair or make it healthier and less prone to breakage. They include peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, and thyme.

  • Minoxidil: The Food and Drug Administration has approved this ingredient for the treatment of hair loss when it’s used as a 2-percent topical solution. Some shampoos also contain minoxidil as an active ingredient.

The products on this list contain ingredients shown to be beneficial for reducing hair loss, while others can provide a temporary cosmetic fix by thickening or adding volume to hair.

Nutrafol Women

Thousands of rave reviews make Nutrafol Women hair wellness supplements a must-have for those with thinning hair. The physician formulated nutraceuticals target root causes of thinning hair, like stress, environment, and nutrition. Made with natural ingredients to support whole-body health for visibly thicker, stronger hair growth, and less shedding.


Nutrafol Growth Activator

best products for thinning hair

Pair Nutrafol supplements with Growth Activator Ashwagandha Exosome Hair Serum to boost cell-renewal and naturally activate thicker-looking, stronger-feeling hair in as little as 90 days. Lightweight, fast-absorbing, and effective, this groundbreaking hair serum delivers living plant matter directly to the scalp.


Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements

Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements are made for women to feed thinning hair while advancing existing hair growth with AminoMar collagen complex. Other key ingredients include biotin, zinc, vitamin C, iron, and niacin,  which promote healthy hair growth.

SHOP ON ULTA – $39.99

Bosley BosRevive 30-Day Hair Kit

best products for thinning hair

Bosley BosRevive is a simple, 3-step system that includes Nourishing Shampoo, Volumizing Conditioner, and Thickening Treatment to help restore thinning hair with the aid of natural saw palmetto, panthenol, and  biotin, which helps strengthen hair follicles.


Bondi Boost Shampoo + Conditioner

BondiBoost Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner are the duo that’s getting major buzz! The Australian-made formula is full of vitamins and minerals made to instinctively target and transform hair while being free from parabens, sulphates, and DEA agents.

SHOP ON ULTA – $29.95

SHOP ON ULTA – $23.95

Nioxin Hair Care Kit System

Nioxin Hair Care Kit System 2 is a 3-part routine created for women with fine/normal hair with advanced thinning by providing thicker hair while protecting against damage. The kit includes the System 2 Cleanser, System 2 Scalp Therapy, and System 2 Scalp Treatment.


Vegamour GRO Hair Serum For Thinning Hair

Vegamour GRO Hair Serum combats thinning hair and boosts the appearance of hair thickness while simultaneously lessening signs of shedding. This serum is made for all hair types and is vegan!


Beauty Bio Rejuvenating Scalp + Fuller Hair Therapy Set

best products for thinning hair

Beauty Bio Rejuvenating Scalp + Fuller Hair Therapy Set refreshes the scalp, delivering and restoring key nutrients to maintain the perfect environment for hair that appears thicker, healthier, and stronger. The set includes a microneedling tool and Healthy Scalp Serum.


Act + Acrew Cold Pressed Stem Cell Serum

best products for thinning hair

Act + Acrew Cold Pressed Stem Cell Serum is designed with an anti-aging complex, using plant stem cells and leaf extracts to help support the reduction of hair thinning, dryness, and fallout. In addition, the antioxidant-rich formula helps mitigate sun damage and pollution!



Have you tried any of these products for thinning hair? Do they help? Share with us below!

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