Dress Like The Ultimate East Coast Fashionista With This Spring Style Guide

east coast fashion

In the last 10 years I have lived in Chicago, New York City, and Orange County. Three different cities, three different styles. As someone who is passionate about style and fashion, I have mastered the art of style for each region and I’m here to highlight what fashionistas are obsessed with this spring. First stop, New York City. east coast fashion

New York City is truly a place where every street is your runway. Whether you are walking your dog or going to your corner bodega, best bet you are taking that opportunity to show off your personal style. Besides wearing all black, the NYC style kings and queens are always experimenting with new trends and are not afraid to step outside their fashion comfort zone. east coast fashion


Leather Love

east coast style

One thing we all know is that leather is always going to be in style, but taking skinny leather pants to the loose and relaxed trouser fit is allowing me rotate them more through my spring outfits. The wide-leg fit and tailored finish will compliment every top you decide to wear with them. In this outfit I am rocking a naked clothing top

The naked clothing trend is going to be in full effect come spring because New Yorkers are not afraid to show some tasteful skin.  If you are going to show some skin on the top, balance it out with fuller coverage on the bottom.

Sports Authority

The sweater vest trend was in full swing last September and is going to be around through spring. Why? The internet has spoken with how versatile this gramma knit is. You can literally wear it with anything for a polished, preppy look.

I like pairing the vest with track pants to channel my inner sporty spice. I’ve also elevated it with a shiny brooch. Sportswear-inspired looks are a perfect step up from traditional loungewear.

Saint + Sofia US


east coast fashion

Bubble gum pink for spring? *Insert Meryl Streep eye roll* However, after a year of neutral loungewear (speaking for myself) bubble gum pink is waking me up in all of the right ways. This might be the easiest trend anyone can get on board with because it is going to be the color of season. 

If a pink power suit doesn’t suit your personal style, there are many options from retailers to fashionably rock this hue in any style you are confident in. Or opt for a power suit in your favorite color!

Casual In A Corset

east coast style

Remember when I said the sidewalk is your runway? I present you the spring casual look incorporating corsets, turtleneck shrugs, and sweatpants. Obviously I didn’t roll out of bed in this outfit (I wish), but it feels very effortless.  Whether it’s a coffee date or running errands, I will be effortlessly stylish for the subway. 

The turtleneck shrug is taking some of us back to our ballet days and it also taps into the cutout trend that’s gaining some traction right now. As for corsets, who doesn’t love a structured  top that cinches your waist? They pair well with skirts, denim, you name it. Better yet, you can pair it with sweatpants and still feel like you’re dressed up.


Going Retro

east coast spring style

Co-ord (2 piece) sets and 70’s influences are all the rage right now! You can’t nail East Coast style without incorporating these influences into your spring wardrobe. I love 2-piece sets because they’re super stylish from head to toe and you don’t have to put too much thought into it. It’s also versatile because you can wear the pieces together or styled separately. To incorporate some retro vibes, rock a piece with a pattern similar to the one I’m wearing. Think eclectic colors and fun patterns, and accessorize with a sleek and sexy chain belt!


Which East Coast style influence is inspiring you? What trend are you most excited for the spring and summer?

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