OB/GYN’s TikTok Reveals Why Women Are Scared To See Gynecologists

Is anyone else scared of the OB/GYN? 

I know I am, and I love my gynecologist. Even if you trust your vagina doctor, the necessary inspection of your lady bits is always an unpleasant experience. 

But what if you don’t like or fully trust your OB/GYN? That presents a whole new set of fears, and there are a lot of women experiencing this problem.

This came to light on TikTok when Dr. Mary Claire Haver, MD, OB/GYN (@thegalvestondiet) mentioned someone’s terrible experience at the gynecologist. The comments were flooded with women agreeing and sharing their personal horror stories. 

For instance, she talks about women being denied pain meds during painful gynecological procedures such as IUD insertion, and others being so scared of Pap smears they will never go to the gynecologist. 

Now, Dr. Haver has made it her mission to talk about the myths surrounding the OB/GYN fear. 

OB/GYN fear is by no means unusual. And while there is a lot to say about equality and how the majority of women shouldn’t be afraid to go to a specific doctor, there is also a lot to say about those who are helping to make the OB/GYN a safe space. 

Often, people will comment on her videos and tell her their issues with their OB/GYN or she’ll tell her viewers what she’s heard in her office. Her advice ranges from budget-friendly birth control tips to her famous post-menopausal diets. 

Dr. Haver has made something that no one really talks about, and everyone has seemed to accept as a dreadful necessity, relatable and understandable. One of the most important things she’s done is put a kind face to this big, scary OB/GYN fear. Her southern accent comes out and she’s not this unapproachable, scary doctor with a vagina vise and speculum. Rather, she’s a sweet little lady who’s helping women all around the world understand concepts that haven’t been explained to them.  

Yes, going to the OB/GYN is probably not high on anyone’s wish list. I, personally, don’t like anyone looking up my vagina. But Dr. Haver has made her TikTok a safe haven for women to ask her questions and she will answer them with her expertise. 

Her videos range from helping victims of horrible OB/GYN experiences to explaining post and pre-menopausal facts you might not know. Because she is an OB/GYN, she is able to give her audience clear answers and tell them what to advocate for. 

She has now made it her life’s mission to teach people what they should look for in an OB/GYN and what kind of care they should — and should not — accept. Even though we may not be over our OB/GYN fear, Dr. Haver helps by creating a safe haven for women to support each other about this topic.


Dr. Mary Claire Haver’s TikTok is a safe space for honest answers and we respect her dedication! Are you afraid of the OB/GYN? Share with us below.

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