Why the Chain Link Necklace is the Most Versatile and Chic Jewelry Staple

Fun, colorful statement jewelry is great to experiment with, especially for the fashion-forward gals out there who are looking to find new trends to incorporate for every season. However, with the current times, we’re moving back to basics and choosing pieces that are classic, versatile, and trans-seasonal. This year we’ve been loving dainty, modern gold jewelry, with updates such as celestial and ocean-inspired charms but still staying true to the simple and classic silhouettes. The sister to the everyday staple gold chain necklace is the super chic chain link necklace, made with square/oval elongated links varying in different sizes. This is a staple, so look for a piece that’s either gold filled or at least gold-plated. Gold filled jewelry is a lot more durable and will last you years and years if you wear it with care.

chain link necklace chain link necklace

Left: Hera Link Necklace // Right: Full Bloom Chain

Size Matters

The variations in sizes can play up an outfit depending on the occasion. A chain link necklace with smaller links like the Full Bloom Chain can be worn as an everyday necklace that also pairs beautifully with larger chains or daintier pieces as it won’t overpower the look. This gold-filled chain is one of my favorites and is offered in different lengths. If you are looking to make your jewelry as one of the focal points of your outfit, opt for a larger, chunkier piece like the Hera Link that you can easily take from day to night.

chain link necklace chain link necklace

Left: Parker Wrap Necklace layered with Gold Vermeil Paperclip Chain Necklace // Right: Hera Link Necklace and Gorjana Charms

Practicality and Versatility

One of the reasons why I’m obsessed with chain link necklaces is how easily you can adorn them with charms of your choice, which is normally a little difficult to do with a standard chain necklace. The larger links allow you to decorate your necklace, giving you so many more ways you can wear them. Layer on as many or as little as you like, whatever is the most practical for you that day.
One of my absolute favorite ways to wear my chain link necklaces is as a bracelet, making these pieces well worth the investment by increasing the cost per wear. Obviously the longer the necklace, the more times you can wrap it around your wrist. I have two that vary in length so depending on my mood that day, I will go for either a more simple or glam look. And don’t forget the charms!

chain link necklacechain link necklace 

Necklace: Hera Link // Bracelet: Parker Wrap Necklace

Browse Top Picks for Chain Link Necklaces


Bold Link Chain Necklace – $90

chain link necklace

Argento Vivo

Paperclip Link Statement Necklace in 18k Gold – $88

chain link necklace


24K Gold Filled Paperclip Chain by Yard – $5+

chain link necklace


Parker Necklace – $65

chain link necklace


Paperclip Chain Necklace – $38

chain link necklace

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry

Marta 18K Yellow Gold Vermeil Chain-Link Necklace – $220

chain link necklace

Melinda Maria

Carrie Chain Necklace – $110


Is this a necklace you already have in your collection? If so, how do you like to style it? If not, share with us what your gold jewelry staple is!

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