A Curated Box Of Style By Rachel Zoe — Is It Worth It? We Weigh In

I have a love/hate relationship with subscription boxes. I love discovering new things, and I often find brands and products I may have never found on my own that become die-hard favorites of mine. But on the flip side I seem to end up with piles of unused, unopened products that clutter up my space and give me major environmental and consumer guilt.
So I’ve pared down my subscriptions to only the ones I really feel offer me the absolute best products and the most well-curated selections. I no longer get boxes of sample sized merchandise every month, boxes of trial stuff or products simply trying to market their nonsense to consumers. Instead, I’m now focusing on brands I trust to curate selections geared towards my interests — which is why I have been a subscriber to Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style since 2016. 


rachel zoe box of style

Things I have always loved about this service:

  1. It’s quarterly instead of monthly, so the products are seasonal, don’t pile up, and give me enough time in between that I genuinely anticipate and look forward to my next delivery.
  2. The products are always full-sized and VERY well curated. Some of my favorite products in my daily beauty and makeup routine to this day are from my Box of Style from years past. I still regularly use bags and accessories from years ago, and none of what has ever been sent to me has ended up in the donation bin.
  3. They clearly explain the retail value of each item, so you can see plainly that you are getting much more than your money’s worth for the box. You pay $99 per box (or a discounted rate if you subscribe) and usually the value of the box can be as high as $450. Such a great deal!
This season, Rachel Zoe completely overhauled her subscription service with name change: from Box of Style to Curateur. Thankfully she didn’t change any of the things I loved and she didn’t raise the price. So, why the name change? She’s working towards making this more of a community. Now the box comes with a little ‘zine insert rather than just a folio, and it has cool style tips and mini articles about the products. Curateur also allows members access to a members-only marketplace where they can buy more of the products Rachel recommends at up to 60% off their retail price.
While I haven’t dived into many of Curateur’s new features, I’m excited to see where this goes and happy to see my favorite features have stayed the same. I also think this would make a fantastic gift for the fashion-forward person in your life. If you’re interested in signing up for The Curateur quarterly subscription box, click here!


What are your favorite subscription boxes? Has Rachel Zoe made it onto your to-try list? Let us know in the comments!

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