Here’s How Drinking CBD Coffee Every Day Improved My Health

Please don’t talk to me until I’ve had my CBD in the morning. 

I’ve always loved trying natural remedies to calm my anxiety and improve my health. I used to be on every prescription medication you could name, but after years of not feeling anything some days and feeling too much on others, I decided (with the help of my doctor) to throw all my pills down the toilet. Now when I have a panic attack, I’ll diffuse it with any natural remedy I can find.

But my mental health is ever-changing and I’m always looking for ways to improve it, so I looked into CBD oil. 

I’ve always been interested in using CBD to combat anxiety. I’ve suffered from anxiety and panic disorders for almost 10 years now and, everyone I’ve talked to has suggested CBD at least once. 

So, I infused my week (and my coffee) with CBD oil to see what I’d been missing out on. 

The Benefits

CBD is one of the most buzzed-about ingredients in the health market. Everyone who tries it falls in love and won’t stop talking about it, so I, obviously, had to see what all the fuss was about. 

One of the health benefits CBD provides is pain relief. The ingredient is often cited to reduce back pain, inflammation, and other aches. CBD goes far beyond just helping an ache or pain, it also has an anti-tumor effect and often prevents the spreading of cervical cancer cells. So yes, this is powerful stuff that might help treat cancer. 

The oil is also a natural way to decrease insomnia, anxiety, PTSD, and other disorders. CBD is most popular for those of us who avoid prescription drugs because of the side effects. CBD is also known to prevent breakouts, as it’s good for combating inflammation. And no, you don’t have to rush to the store to get the latest CBD-infused acne cream. Taking CBD oil orally will work just fine. 

Some people also give CBD to their pets, especially those ridden with anxiety or pain. I would suggest going to a vet before you start dosing your cat up, but it is proven to help. And no, you’re not going to get high when you put a few drops of CBD oil in your coffee. CBD is hemp oil, which comes from the same source as marijuana, but contains less than 0.3% THC.

It’s like kombucha. The fermentation process required for kombucha yields trace amounts of alcohol, but you won’t get drunk off of kombucha.

That being said, if you’re starting to take CBD for the first time, definitely don’t take the entire bottle. Start with low doses and increase them if you need more. I, personally, cannot start my day feeling drowsy this week, so I’m going to avoid that at all costs.

What I Tried

Thank you so much to Harmony CBD for sending me some CBD oil to try!

CBD Hemp Oilcbd oil in coffee

Harmony’s Organic CBD Hemp Oils are made from MCT oil and US-grown hemp. The oil can be unflavored or naturally flavored with orange essential oil. Either drop the desired amount under your tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds or infuse it into your drinks.


CBD Relief Topical BalmCBD topical balm

CBD has major pain relief properties, and this balm is no exception. The topical balm is a mixture of hemp CBD, shea butter, and other essential oils and herbs. Simply apply the balm to wherever you might need topical relief and let it work its magic.


CBD Gummies – Focus, Sleep, and Gut HealthCBD gummies

These gummies are an easy way to access all the benefits of CBD. The apple-flavored ‘Focus’ contains CBD and CBG, vitamin B12, and green tea extract. It’s suggested to take one a day. ‘Gut Health’ contains CBD, CBG, apple cider vinegar, B. Bifidum, and B. Lactis and comes in a lemon flavor. It’s suggested to take two of these gummies a day. ‘Sleep’ contains CBD, CBN, and melatonin and comes in an orange flavor. Take one of these gummies before bed every night.


My Week

I was so excited for this week. I’ve always wanted to try CBD products, but I’ve never done enough research to be comfortable with taking the plunge. Thankfully, Harmony CBD hooked me up and sent me everything I could possibly want to start my CBD journey. While I might never have tried CBD oil before, I knew I’d convert after this week.  

I started the week like I start every week, with a cup of coffee and a slight fear of what I was getting myself into. Even though I was excited, I always have to take a moment to ready myself for the week that might change how I live. So many of the Markey Tries It articles I do make me fall in love with what I try and I predicted CBD would be one of those. 

I was already drinking my coffee, so I figured I might as well take the plunge. I used the oral dispenser they gave me to put 1 milliliter of the CBD oil into my coffee. I could have used the dropper, but the dispenser had an exact measurement on it and I wanted to start small. I debated doing half the dosage because it was my first time, but I stayed true to the serving size and trusted the process. Plus, most people don’t feel results until 2 weeks into taking the oil every day. 

I could taste the CBD oil in my coffee and the taste lingered. It wasn’t a horrible taste, just something to note. The hemp added a bit of an earthy flavor to it and it stayed throughout the day but, again, nothing bad at all. I can see the benefit of just putting it under your tongue and being done. I don’t love it when things interfere with my morning cuppa (it’s very sacred) and the smell did throw me a bit. 

I felt calmer than I usually do all day. Life threw me some curveballs and I reacted with grace and simply didn’t freak out as much as I sometimes do. I know there was a real difference because I had completely forgotten about the oil by the afternoon and my day was so much better than most. 

The next morning, I skipped the oil in my coffee and opted for the gummies. I tried the gut health and focus gummies with my breakfast. Full disclosure — these don’t taste like candy. Again, they don’t have a bad taste, but they aren’t the gummy candies that you might want to take 10 of in one day, and for a good reason! 

I learned the hard way not to take two separate CBD gummies that have two separate serving sizes of CBD. I have to laugh now because I did have a moment where I was terrified.

I’m very glad I didn’t take two gummies and the oil in my coffee today. I did call my partner and he laughed at me. I was lightheaded and dry-mouthed for a few hours, so I took a break, and read up to see that the 60 mg of CBD I had taken wasn’t going to kill me.

For the next two days, I put 1 ml of CBD oil under my tongue and held it there for 30 seconds. It does help to immediately drink a strong beverage after, so you can avoid the aftertaste throughout the day. I felt pretty calm both days, and while life didn’t slow down, my brain was able to cope with anything I needed without going into panic mode. 

I did have one moment in the grocery store where my PTSD flared up a bit (I have about 3-14 blackouts a week), but I breathed through it. That day had been full of surprises and curveballs, so I assume my CBD was working overtime. 

I took the melatonin gummie one night and noticed a deeper sleep. The mixture of melatonin and CBD helped me get to bed sooner and feel more relaxed once I was there. 

I was quickly falling in love with having this oil in the mornings but I chose to ditch my oil and go for the gummy (this time actually reading the serving suggestions) and I honestly missed my morning calm. Yes, I was still getting CBD oil and the effects were similar, but I didn’t eat the gummies until noon because I fast, intermittently, so I had to hold off a bit longer than usual. 

I was able to whiz through my work with the focus gummy. It was more of a dosage than I’m used to, but it didn’t knock me out like before. The dosage was a big increase, considering it’s about 40 ml compared to my morning 1 ml, but I didn’t feel woozy or dizzy at all. 

The next day, I was in pain because I landed weirdly on my ankle during the previous morning’s workout. I figured it was a great day to try the balm. I’ve used CBD topical balm before because I’m always injuring myself and have constant sore muscles. I just rubbed a bit on my ankle and let it sit for a while. 

I’m not going to lie – the morning CBD oil under my tongue was a front-runner for a long time, but this balm is a miracle worker. I woke up and was debating taking the day off from my workout, but after about 20 minutes, I had no pain at all. Also, the balm smells like a spa day and I want to smell like this for the rest of my life. 

As always, on the final morning, I had a hard time saying goodbye. So hard, in fact, that I chose not to. This challenge is not ending this week. I’m going to keep CBD oil on my desk and in my system for the foreseeable future. My week and my mental health have been so improved by just a drop of oil in the morning that it would be insane for me to give it up.

My Review

Everyone should have, at least, a small dropper of CBD oil with them all the time. 

Is this a little extreme? I don’t think so. I was so scared to try CBD oil and was afraid it would mess with me, make me drowsy, ruin my work week, but it didn’t. I don’t know how many panic or anxiety attacks I avoided with just a little drop under my tongue every morning, but I know I avoided a lot. 

If you’ve been on the fence about trying CBD oil, this is your sign. You can start small. Fall in love with the balm, take a gummy at night, or just put a little bit under your tongue in the morning. 

I won’t know the full effect that the CBD has on me for another week, but I can already tell I won’t be giving it up anytime soon. 

I also want to state that CBD isn’t just for people with anxiety or mental issues. We all have stress in our lives and we all face a ton of challenges. While the oil is specifically proven to aid those with mental health concerns, it helps everyone. As always, make sure to consult your doctor before starting any new health regimen.

Thank you again to Harmony CBD for letting me try these products!


Have you ever tried CBD oil? Are you going to now? Comment below!

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