The Most Interesting Candy And Wine Pairings For Spooky Season

Who says Halloween’s only for kids? When done right, Halloween can be fun for kids and parents alike! How, you may ask? With wine, of course!
It’s a little-known secret that wine and candy are excellent friends – and we’ve created a list of 9 Halloween candy and wine pairings that will ensure you have just as much fun as your kids this year!


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1. Swedish Fish with Sweet Lambrusco

 With the fruitiness and berry flavor of Swedish Fish, you cannot go wrong with a sweet Lambrusco. Not only will the wine match the sweetness of the Swedish Fish, but the flavors are similar – creating an explosion of delight.

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2. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Pinot Noir

The sweetness of Hershey’s milk chocolate should be accompanied with a lighter fruitier wine, like a Pinot Noir (or even something slightly sweeter). If you’re looking to have a fuller-bodied wine with some chocolate, opt for some darker chocolates.

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3. Gummy Bears with a Light Rosé

The sweetness and fruitiness of the gummy bears are perfectly suited for a light and fruity rosé. You will find that many of the flavors in the candy will overlap with those in the wine – which is always an incredible experience. You don’t want to overwhelm the lightness of the candy with anything heavier.

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4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with Gamay Noir

With something as creamy as peanut butter, you’re going to need something with some acidity to balance out the richness, which makes a fresh Gamay Noir perfect. The fruitiness and lightness of Gamay also make it ideal to have with chocolate and other candy.

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5. Starbursts with Muscat

This fruity-candy often has some tartness needs a wine with a bit of sweetness. Muscat will not only enhance the flavors but balance out the tartness of the Halloween candy.

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6. Skittles with Moscato d’Asti

You might think that sweet with sweet is too much, but it’s actually the best way to pair sugary snacks. This sweetness in the wine enhances the skittles, while the slight Moscato d’Asti fizz will create a delicious freshness.

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7. Sour Patch Kids with Off-dry Riesling

Sour Patches are just that – sour. So, to really balance out the candy’s tartness, a touch of sweetness from an off-dry riesling will create a blissful experience. In many pairing situations, it’s best to match the flavor of the candy with the flavor of the wine. But in many cases, like with this pairing, polar opposites are the way to go.

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8. M&M’s with Port

The milky chocolate element of the candy is an excellent contrast to the dark fruit aromas and flavors of the wine. The fact that M&M’s aren’t overly sweet also adds to their compatibility with port, which may not work as well with over-sweet snacks.

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9. Candy Corn with Oaked Chardonnay

Although candy corn is relatively sweet, it has a rich, buttery taste that will pair with something of similar flavor and texture. Chardonnay, especially when oaked, has a similar buttery characteristic that matches the Halloween candy while balancing out the extreme sweetness.

Ready to get festive?

 With so many great candy and wine pairings available, there’s no excuse not to make Halloween fun for yourself, too! Grab your favorite wine, eat some candy, put on an iconic Halloween Movie and enjoy Halloween the right way.


Which Halloween candy and wine pairing was your favorite? Do you plan on trying any of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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