The 5 Best Ways To Boost Your Immunity This Winter

As the coldest season approaches, we need to focus on our family’s health as well as our own – and that means making sure we are boosting our immune systems during winter.

Building a stronger immune system may take work, but depending on your needs, it may be simpler than you realize.

First of all, if you want to decrease your chances of becoming sick, you might just need to make some simple changes to your lifestyle or get a flu shot. For other illnesses, it might be trickier and require additional resources.

But there are some easy ways to make sure we are keeping our immune system strong, therefore building up our resistance to subsequent infections. That goal can be helped along by giving our immune systems the support they need over the long run.

We’ve compiled five ways you can boost your immune system in order to stay healthy during this winter’s cold and flu season!

Tips For Boosting Immune Systems During Winter

Get A Flu Shot

The CDC discovered that single vaccinations keep tens of thousands of people from having to go to the hospital each year. Even if you’re healthy, these numbers should make you realize how important it is to get a flu shot.

Getting a flu shot is one of the best ways to protect your immune system and stop the flu from spreading.

The CDC suggests getting vaccinated as early as possible because it could take up to two weeks for the antibodies that safeguard you to establish after you get a flu shot.

Eat Nutrient-Rich Foods

Is it possible to boost your immune system naturally? That depends on the person and their overall health, but there are a few simple changes that everyone can make to their diet so they are eating more vitamin B, zinc, vitamin C, or antioxidant-rich foods.

These foods include:

  • Citrus fruits: oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruits

  • Vegetables: broccoli, bell peppers, and garlic

  • Leafy greens: spinach or kale

  • Ginger or turmeric 

  • Poultry or shellfish 

Introducing some of these foods to your diet is a good way to start naturally boosting your immune system. If you need more help with your diet, we recommend talking to your physician or professional who can help you find a diet that fits your needs.

Prioritize Self Care/Mental Health

Your mental health should always be a top priority, but we know that it can be even harder to take care of during the winter and around the holidays.

Anxiety and depression are typical responses to stress and affect approximately 18% of adults in the United States alone. 

If you are struggling, the first step in improving your mental health should be to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician so that you can discuss a treatment strategy that is tailored specifically to your mental health needs.

A few simple things, like going for a walk, cutting back on caffeine, or taking supplements, can help reduce stress and boost your immune system.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

If you want to boost your immune system in a holistic way, we suggest swapping out lifestyle choices that may hurt your body’s defenses with ones that help them.

Your doctor might tell you to do things like get more exercise, alter your eating habits, and drink less alcohol to help you fight off an illness. The objective is to create a plan that fits your age and individual needs.

Changes to your lifestyle may also include:

  • Prioritizing sleep

  • Adding probiotics and fermented foods to your diet

  • Limiting sugars 

  • Drinking more water 

  • Taking supplements

See Your Doctor For A Physical 

Your doctor is the best person to talk to about ways to boost your immune system that are right for you and what you need.

In addition to the tips above, they will assist you in creating a plan that will guide you through any adjustments that might be difficult to implement or give you suggestions that you can use right away.


Share your tips on boosting your immune system during winter in the comments!

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