Do Waist Trainers Really Work? I Tried One For A Week

Let’s head back to circa 2016, when Kim Kardashian famously made wearing waist trainers the next big thing. If you wanted curves like a Kardashian, throwing on a waist trainer corset was the way to go. Nobody bothered to see if it was a good idea for our bodies — all we knew was a Kardashian said we could get curves this way, and we were in! Back then, I was certainly intrigued by the idea but not quite convinced enough to hit “add to cart.” 

Fast-forward to 2022, and I am a proud owner of a pair of waist training leggings, created by Athletics Motion. Although this option is not identical to a corset style, the idea behind it is still the same. I decided to give wearing these curve-creating leggings a try for an entire week to see if I could tell a difference. 

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Keep in mind that I am already a pretty petite person. But even petite people need their curves, especially if we want to create a figure that is not so boxy. I decided to wear my leggings during my daily workout as well as while I performed my daily tasks.

In order to achieve any sort of physical result, you need to commit to wearing your waist trainer for the majority of your day. Waist trainers can be worn underneath clothes, and the ones that yield the highest results usually have metal clasps and zippers that keep your waist trainer snug to your body. I loved that the legging option came with pants, so all I needed to do was pair it with a top and I was good to go! 

The Monet Athletics Motion Review

athletics motion usa waist trainer

The first day of waist training was my least favorite day. Waist training is a journey, and a long one, at that. There will be moments when you first begin that you will want to quit. Getting used to wearing the trainer while I worked out, as well as while I moved around and did my normal stuff, was difficult.

There were many times during the first day when I wanted to change and take it off, but I knew, in order to know if it’s successful, I would have to stick with it. Over the next few days, it became gradually easier to manage. I noticed that I could go longer without adjusting my stomach setting and, by the last few days, I hardly noticed I was wearing it at all. 

The times I noticed were most difficult was when I was eating. Feeling so restricted while trying to eat my meal is not something I enjoyed. Overall, it felt like my toddler was squeezing my waist constantly for seven days. My biggest regret is not taking a “before” picture when my journey began. Although I know a week is a very short period of time, being able to put pictures side by side would have given me more encouragement to continue the journey.

Although I can see their benefit and appeal, the waist training lifestyle is just simply not for me. I enjoy the idea of having a curvy figure, like the rest of us, but knowing my personality, I would not stick with this long-term. Exploring other options for creating a curvy figure, like weight lifting, is more my speed.

What’s the best waist trainer for women?

If you are considering trying a waist trainer, be sure to do your research. A low quality waist trainer will not give you the results you are aiming for.

I’ve attached a few highly rated options as well as the link to the leggings I used below:


Have you used a waist trainer? Share your experience and favorite waist trainers in the comments below!

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