Make The Treadmill Your Runway With Our 4 Favorite Workout Skirts and Dresses

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Hello, my name is Markey and I’ve worn the same pair of workout shorts for the past…four years. I’m just kidding — it’s been six years. But they’re really cute and I love them. I am the worst of two evils — I love working out and I love routines. Therefore: the same outfit for six years. 

But a new trend has come up in the fashion/workout world: workout skirts and dresses. I was really intrigued by this trend because I love wearing my workout clothes throughout the day and then coming home to maybe squeeze in some yoga at night. Workout clothes are so popular because they’re comfy and easy to put on. The only downfall is that I don’t feel great when I go to downtown Nashville with my partner for dinner and I’m wearing my college t-shirt and shorts. 

Workout skirts and dresses seem like the perfect solution to this problem. All the designs I’ve seen are really trendy and cute. They’re a step down from night out, but many steps up from my thrift store outfit I’ve been sporting for years now. Keep reading for our favorites and to discover why we love them!


Why I Love Workout Skirts and Dresses

The problem I have with working out in dresses is the coverage. I’m just a little worried about going to the gym or on a walk in a shorter-styled dress and having people assume they can see my butt at any given moment. So I did some research. The majority of sport and exercise dresses and skorts have built-in shorts underneath the skirt design. Most of the dresses and skorts actually have the spandex covers made to be longer than the actual skirt so there is no fear of flashing someone. 

After looking at some of the highest-rated workout dresses and skorts on the internet, I’m sold on the trend. I get the appeal of looking good while working out but also being able to do all you need in that outfit. I also love the seamless transition that these new workout outfits provide to their wearers. I think the trend is especially popular in seasons like summer where you’re more likely to go places and walk or do active things outside than in winter. 

So where do you start to find the best workout dresses and skorts? We got you!

Our Top Picks

workout skirts

Outdoor Voices Hudson 4″ Skort

When it comes to exercise wear, Outdoor Voices has cornered the market for skorts and dresses. Their Hudson 4” Skort is one of their top sellers and highest reviewed products. The skort comes with a shorts liner underneath the skirt and has a built-in phone pocket as well for when you’re out and about! The skort comes in black, white, and navy. There are also other skirts from Outdoor Voices that are shorter and longer than this option to fit your comfort zone!

SHOP NOW – $58

Halara Tank Back 2-in-1 Dress

Halara also has an exercise dress: their Tank Back 2-in-1 Dress. I love the look of this dress because it’s both sporty and cute. I would wear this on days that I go for a walk with my partner or head to the gym with my friends. The colors it comes in are Lilac Blush and Prussian Blue.

SHOP NOW – $39.95

workout skirts

workout skirts

Sweaty Betty Power Workout Dress

Sweaty Betty has an amazing Power Workout Dress as well. The length is perfect if you want to have that nice shorter-dress feel without having to worry about it coming a little too far up. The dress comes with a handy side pocket built into it and a supportive inner short. The dress also has a built-in bra as well that offers light support. The fabric is sweat-wicking and has 4-way stretch, so it will let you do seriously anything!

SHOP NOW – $118

Girlfriend Collective Fig Undress

If you haven’t heard of the sustainable Girlfriend Collective Fig Undress, you’re missing out. This dress is so cute and fashion-forward. It has built-in shorts but the dress is longer than some of the other workout dress options. The dress is made from 90% recycled plastic bottles and 10% spandex. I love Girlfriend Collective because of how sustainable and fashionable they are. The dress comes in seven different colors, and none are too loud or vibrant. I also love the dress’s description: “A dress that requires no invitation. Sweat in it, spill on it, wipe bagel grease on it. Whatever, live your life.” I think that perfectly sums up what a workout dress should be.

SHOP NOW – $78

workout skirt

I think that brands are doing a wonderful job of incorporating style and substance into their workout gear and I love it. I’m never going to stop wearing my workout clothes all day, but I think everyone who is seen with me in public would appreciate it if I got one of these dresses.


What’s your opinion on workout skirts and dresses? Do you have a favorite? Comment below!

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