How To Turn Boring Routines Into Cherished Rituals

My internal checklist is constant. There are so many tasks, responsibilities, obligations, and events to remember day to day. My mental lists fall into two categories: things I have to do, and things I want to do. I have to do laundry. I have to check my emails. I want to do a workout. I want to ensure I’m drinking eight glasses of water a day and taking my supplements. 

The difference between my routines and my habits is that my routines are deliberate, and my habits are less intentional – almost second nature. 

Ideally, some healthy elements of the routine turn into habits and seamlessly become part of my lifestyle. With this in mind, my goal is to create a domino effect where one routine action leads automatically to another, reducing my mental load and that overwhelming checklist in my head

To turn some elements of my routine into habits, I’m taking three approaches. The first is habit stacking, the second is automating, and the third is reframing.

Habit Stacking

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Habit stacking is combining a task you want to do with something already in your routine. For me, this was choosing a Netflix show I enjoy and only watching it on my elliptical. I paired watching reality TV – delicious brain candy – with moving my body and getting my steps in. I also have a particular podcast I listen to while out for a walk. If I’m wanting to catch up on an episode, it’s becoming second nature to schedule time to lace up my runners before I hit play. 

Another place I’m habit stacking is in the bathroom. I have to take my contacts out every night, and now my serum is directly beside my contact solution, so after I’ve washed my hands to remove my contacts, the serum is becoming a natural next step. Combining a nice-to-have, like reality TV, with a must, like exercise or skincare, is removing the pressure to remember and schedule wellness into my day.


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I’m a fan of using technology as an organizational tool. Supplements have been part of my wellness program for a few years, but I’ve always struggled remembering to take them, and consistency is essential. I’ve tried leaving them on the counter but they blend into the mess and create clutter. 

I was super excited to discover Loba, a smart (and gorgeous) pill organizer. Not only does this product look amazing on my counter, it lights up when it’s time to take my supplements, on the schedule I’ve set through the Loba app. The glow, as a visual cue, is subtle but catches my attention, and once the lid is off, the light turns out. If I’m not home when it’s time to take my pills, the app reminds me with a notification on my phone. So, together, they’ve got me covered.

Other automations that are making life easier are my razor subscription and the timer on my toothbrush. I tend to cut brushing short as it’s not easy to multi-task with a mouth full of toothpaste. After two minutes, when the brush buzzes, it’s like a tap on the shoulder, letting me know I’ve done enough. The only time I think about buying razors is when I’m in the shower with a dull blade, so taking those off my shopping list and seeing them appear in my mailbox has been liberating. I also love my Fitbit telling me I haven’t taken a step in an hour and reminding me when it’s time to wind down for bedtime. These automations are like having a group of personal assistants supporting me.


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Tasks, chores, routines, obligations — it all sounds like work. I’m making an effort to re-frame my thoughts and categorize these actions as privileges. Many items on the to-do list, at the end of the day, combine to equal my wellness. Loba appeals to me as the brand talks about taking supplements as a cherished daily ritual. That’s one of the reasons the product is so aesthetically pleasing. Loba’s founder, Kate Bouchard shares her intention to take a mundane task, like remembering to take pills, and make it inspiring. 

I’ve adopted this mentality across several of the habits I’m working to instill. I’ve treated myself to a beautiful water bottle that tracks my hydration and inspires me to refill it. I’m re-framing meal prep and making lunches as my present self, setting my future self up for success. 

My intention is to create awareness and intention around these routines, habits, and rituals. The wellness of my future self is what motivates me. Gifting her a lighter mental load is the best thing I can do for both of us.


What steps do you take to make your routine into more of a ritual? How do you add new habits into your routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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