I Tried 7 Olympic Workouts This Week And, Wow, I’m Sore

Happy post-Olympics! Whether you celebrated by watching the events every night or you only tuned in for the award ceremonies, I hope you enjoyed them this year! I celebrated the Olympics in my own special way — by diving face, arms, legs, and abs first into some Olympic workouts!
This week, I tried seven Olympians’ workouts to see if they would test and try me (or if I would give up). Spoiler: these people are strong as hell!

I know these athletes work out much longer than the following workouts that I found online. They train all day every day and their lives revolve around their sports and crafts. But I am not an Olympian; I am a writer. So I found easily accessible workouts that wouldn’t kill me. On that positive note, let’s go!


Day 1: Lolo Jones

Who she is: 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games athlete in track and field.

This is her training schedule.

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My Review

Each of these Olympic workouts averaged about 10 minutes. So did them all today! I loved Wednesday’s upper body routine for so many reasons and I even had to pause (which was embarrassing because I was using 10 pound dumbbells and I’m sure Lolo Jones uses much heavier ones). I doubt I’ll be able to lift my arms tomorrow morning. Oops!

Day 2: Simone Biles and Jordan Chiles

Who they are: Simone Biles is a two-time Olympian and a seven-time medalist. Jordan Chiles is a 2021 Olympian and a silver medalist.

This is one of their training routines.

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My Review

I’m back on the grind of breaking up my work day with a workout. But this workout was no break. It was really hard. I cheated multiple times and I still barely made it through. These girls are strong and I’m sure this 30-minute workout is not all they do in a day, but it was more than enough for me! I enjoyed it and I felt so much stronger after I was finished, which is always a bonus.

Day 3:  Shauna Coxsey

Who she is: An Olympian in the 2021 Olympics for Sport Climbing (rock climbing).

This is her warm-up:

These are her workouts:

My Review

I thought my arms hurt after Lolo Jones, but this was a whole new level. Rock climbers have ridiculous muscles and I know I made a fool out of myself when I filmed this because I could barely get through it. That being said, it was so fun, such a good and short workout. I did all three of them, but the arms were definitely the standout. I loved it.

Day 4: Abby Wambach

Who she is: Two-time Olympian and two-time gold medal winner. 

This is her training routine.

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My Review

Today’s Olympic workout was so satisfying! I was really excited to do Abby’s workout because I love her and her wife so much. I worked out in my apartment, so I couldn’t do all the exercises (I’m not complaining). But what I did was good and challenging. I took the day off yesterday because Shauna’s workout actually killed me. I was also still sore from Biles’ and Chiles’ workout as well. I am loving this!

Day 5: Shawn Johnson

Who she is: Former American gymnast. She won four medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics, including the gold. 

This is her workout routine.

My Review

I had a few more videos in here originally. She and her husband have their own YouTube channel and I found a few videos on there, but her workout website had the best one and the only one I could really follow along with. I liked this workout. It was fast, but really challenging. I felt sore by the end and was definitely dripping in sweat.

Day 6: Marta Pen Freitas

Who she is: A six-time Portuguese National Champion and 2016 Olympian.

This is her weekly workout routine.

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My Review

I thought this was going to be easier and quicker than it was. I coincidentally did this workout on a Wednesday which is her ‘easiest’ day. I walked eight miles, but I ‘cheated’ a bit and took the three mile walk I did in the morning and added it to the five miles I walked in the afternoon. I also walked and jogged instead of sprinting and running because I just did not train for this. My takeaway is that eight miles is crazy and I have so much respect for this girl’s ‘rest day.’

Day 7: Ashleigh Johnson, Meghan Musnicki, and Adam Rippon

Who they are: Ashleigh Johnson is an American water polo player. She is a two-time Olympian and a one-time Olympic gold medalist. Megan Musnicki is a three-time Olympian and a two-time gold medalist. Adam Rippon was an Olympian in the 2018 games and a bronze medalist. 

Their Olympic training workout:

My Review

This collaborative Olympic workout routine was the best way to end my week! It was pretty challenging and I surely did think about quitting, but I was not about to give up with only 30 minutes left. The moves were basic and understandable, but they hit just what they needed to and I was sweating when I was done! It only took 30 minutes and I really felt like it did the trick.

My Overall Thoughts

I was really skeptical of these workouts when I started. I had just come off two weeks of doing Chloe Ting’s challenge and I wasn’t sure if these workouts would feel like as much of a chore as those did. The versatility of each of these workouts made every day fun and never left me in pain (I was sore, but never too bad). While I do understand that these athletes workout all day every day when they’re really training, these workouts were all very accessible and relatively easy to do at home!


Are you going to try these Olympic workouts? What workout should I do next? Comment below!

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