These Popular Skincare TikToks Are Blowing Up The Internet

When it comes to my pastimes, the list can be narrowed down to binge-watching Netflix shows, scrolling through TikTok, and skincare. But don’t you just love it when two of your worlds collide? Now when I scroll through TikTok, I’ve been noticing a ton of skincare trends I’ve been dying to try, so let’s look at some of the big ones.


Gua Sha


Take pictures I wanna see your results!! Also pls watch my video about appropriation & Gua Sha. ((& how good is my friend Kahiem’s music 🥺💗))

♬ The Bag – Kahiem Rivera

the ordinary peeling solution

The Gua Sha is a tool not unlike a jade or rose quartz roller. It is flat and has a curved M shape which makes it easy to use for your jawline and other curves of your face. This skincare routine, based on traditional Chinese medicine, has been trending for a while now, so I recently purchased one and will be working on a longer-form article on my results. It is important that while participating in this skincare routine, that you purchase your gua sha from a traditional Chinese practitioner or online shop (like this one) so you are respectfully taking part in this, rather than allowing big corporations to profit off of it.

SHOP NOW – $35

The Ordinary Peeling Solution

the ordinary peeling solution

This The Ordinary peeling solution has gotten so popular, especially for those who have acne and acne scars. While it seems to do the trick in helping clear these scars and promote softer and healthier skin, it has to be used in moderation. Many dermatologists on TikTok say that it is vital to use a moisturizer with the product so it does not damage your skin and that you should always spot test before using it. It is also recommended that you first start using it in short, 5-minute increments and work your way up. This one has some great results, but be sure to do the research and use it carefully.

SHOP NOW – $7.20

Foreo UFO 2


Obsessed is an understatement for my first time using FOREO @foreo_official #UFO2 smart mask – Available at @meccabeauty

♬ original sound – Abi pop

the ordinary peeling solution

This Foreo UFO 2 is a smart face mask device. Yeah, you heard me right. You pick what mask you would like to use, clip it into the device, and then it uses thermotherapy, cryotherapy, T-Sonic pulsations, and eight LED lights to enhance the efficacy of the face mask. This highly-rated product is like bringing the spa home. While it has a hefty price tag in comparison to many of the other products on this list, the reviews on Sephora’s website and on TikTok state that it is definitely worth it.

SHOP NOW – $279


the ordinary peeling solution

If you haven’t seen the green water trend yet, I would be shocked. This has been everywhere with reviewers raving about how it’s given them clearer skin and even helped with weight loss. While there is no scientific proof that drinking liquid chlorophyll can do any of these things specifically, it is true that it’s an overall anti-inflammatory. Many people wonder if it’s just the increase of drinking water that’s helping people’s skin, and others suggest that eating/drinking vegetables will have the same effect, if not better.

SHOP NOW – $16.97

Mexican Soap (Esponjabon)

the ordinary peeling solution lip exfoliator

This soap from Mexico has become really popular to get rid of dark spots under the armpits, between the thighs, on the elbows, and other spots. Many TikTok users have experienced great results from using it. This specific brand of soap also apparently can be used for acne as well.

SHOP NOW – $14.99

E.l.f. Lip Exfoliator

elf lip exfoliator

E.L.F. has a $4 lip exfoliator that everyone has been raving about. In the shape of lipstick, the exfoliator has little beads that help rub off dead skin from your lips. If a typical chapstick isn’t doing it for you, this is an easy and cheap option.


Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask


I always feel bad when I don’t like a product from a brand I like ☹️ #glowrecipe #watermelonmask #sleepingmask #acne #moisturizer #acneskin

♬ original sound – …

watermelon lip exfoliator

I’ve seen so many mixed reviews about this product. While some TikTok users love it and swear that it makes their skin glow, others don’t like that it uses alcohol and fragrance. One thing we know for certain is that this recipe is not 100% clean, since alcohol and fragrance are on the ingredient list. Nevertheless, the AHA and glycolic acid in this sleeping mask are great for keeping your skin hydrated.

SHOP NOW – $45

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops


Face tanning routine with @isleofparadise self-tanning drops in dark – Kirsty20 for 20% off on #isleofparadise #fyp #ad

♬ Aesthetic – Xilo

self tanning drops lip exfoliator

These Isle of Paradise self-tanning drops are great for tanning, especially for those who want to tan their face. All of the videos I have seen about these drops give rave reviews about how well they work. It’s very important to blend them in around the hairline and on the neck, or else there will be major streaks and lines. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands after using them!

SHOP NOW – $29


Any skincare TikTok trends we missed? Comment below if you have tried any of these!

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