These 16 Retro Appliances Are Giving Our Kitchen A Groovy Makeover

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We all know Smeg they make cute, retro kitchen appliances. And as a kitchen appliance gal, I’ve ogled over their not-so-affordable prices, then exited out of my browser more than once.

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Sound sad? Yes, because it is.

But my kitchen-appliance-obsessed self couldn’t let go of the idea of making my kitchen adorable, so I decided to branch out from my Smeg dreams and find more affordable retro appliances. And find I did.

I fell in love with the cute dupes. Galanz makes a small microwave; I’m obsessed with the bright red fridge from Unique Appliances; Haden’s electric kettle is efficient, and how can I get over that shade of blue?

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Basically: you can create the retro kitchen of your dreams with a bunch of different brands without sacrificing quality. These are our favorite kitchen appliance dupes that give Smeg a run for its money.


Larger Appliances

This fridge will take you back, because it doesn’t get more retro than rounded edges and lever handles.

retro fridge

SHOP – $1,516.67

If a freezer-ette doesn’t do it for you, this fridge has a lower, full freezer.

retro kitchen appliances

SHOP – $1,299

Mini fridges have no right being so adorable, but we’ll allow it for this one.

mini fridge

SHOP – $374.29

Remove shelves and drawers if you need to make space in this mini fridge-and-freezer combo.

mini fridge and freezer

SHOP – $263.74

The red color of this mini freezer has me wrapped around its finger.

retro appliances

SHOP – $949

This tiny bar fridge is the definition of a #throwback, and its bottle opener is the cherry on top.

retro fridge

SHOP – $197.67

I have a gas range vintage stove in storage, and this one is convincing me to finally take it out.

retro kitchen appliances

SHOP – $1,454.03

Smaller Appliances

Make it retro, but also high-tech, with these microwave’s presets.

retro microwave

SHOP – $49

Making toast has become the best part of your morning thanks to this toaster, and I will not be debating this, because I own this exact model.

retro kitchen appliances

SHOP – $39.99

Why go with newfangled models when this single-serve smoothie maker is so easy to use?

smoothie maker

SHOP – $34.99

Make breakfast the best meal with this 3-in-1 breakfast station.

breakfast station retro

SHOP – $98.94

If you want to have a kettle, but don’t want to wait for the water to boil, go with this electric kettle that still looks retro.

retro kitchen appliances

SHOP – $74.95

Coffee has been around for centuries, so snag this one as an homage to the Golden Age.

retro kitchen appliances

SHOP – $69.99

Everyone has a stand mixer, but nothing beats a good ol’ hand mixer to get the job done right.

retro kitchen appliances

SHOP – $54.99

They didn’t have air fryers back when, but this one takes a twist on the modern aesthetic by drawing from the past.

retro kitchen appliances

SHOP – $122.49


Which retro kitchen appliances are you falling in love with? Let us know below!

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