Here Are 5 Reasons Why Rage Gardening Is An Incredible Stress Reliever

Have you ever gotten so mad, you almost wet your plants? If so, welcome to rage gardening. For those, like me, who are used to a bit of whine with our wine, maybe it’s time to put down the glass of Merlot, pick up a handful of compost, and bury that shit.

Let’s face it — we’re all pretty tired of the toxic positivity touted by the ‘good vibes only’ crowd. Sometimes you need to get good and mad. Anger is no longer thought of as solely a negative emotion; on the contrary, studies show it can be quite useful.

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Instead of letting Netflix play the part of impromptu therapist by periodically asking ‘are you still watching’ the next time you find yourself in a post-rage stupor, you could channel those feelings into something positive — like growing some plants. And that’s exactly what rage gardeners do. They take their frustrations out by turning them into beautiful gardens full of color and life.

And nothing says “I’m emotionally healthy” like growing f*ck-off flowers.

Here are five reasons why rage gardening is such a great stress reliever.


It helps you let go of negative emotions.

When you grow flowers from seeds, you don’t just plant them; you water them, fertilize them, weed them, protect them from pests, and then wait patiently until they bloom. The same goes for rage gardening. Instead of getting mad at someone else, you use your energy to create something beautiful. As you work through each step of the process, you release any pent-up frustration. 

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It gives you time away from technology.

If you spend too long staring at screens, you might find yourself becoming increasingly disconnected and agitated. However, when you turn your attention toward the plants right in front of you, you won’t need to worry so much about checking social media every few minutes. Your mind focuses on planting seedlings, watering soil, and arranging pots.

It lets you connect with nature, but only to a point.

Look, I like watching Planet Earth as much as anyone else, but there’s no way in hell you’ll catch my city-loving tushie on a hike. Rage gardening can give you a bit of the sunshine and outdoor life without worrying about having to pack bear spray.

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It Teaches Patience

Rage gardening requires waiting. Seeds take weeks to sprout, and once they start blooming, you must continue tending to them throughout the season. Sometimes weeds pop up, or bugs attack your precious blossoms. You tackle each setback one by one, as they come up, with the knowledge that your efforts are worth it.

How To Start A Rage Garden:

Pull Weeds

Even if you don’t do anything else, you can be a successful rage gardener if you focus on weed control. From an aesthetic perspective, you’ll clear your lawn, and should you decide to clear space for a garden, you’ll need to weed anyway. Something about yanking leaves from the ground and tossing them into a compost pile sounds soothing, doesn’t it? Bonus rage gardening points if you can pull off the twist-and-pull move as you yank those suckers out of the ground.

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Give Root To Happy Plants

Once you have some clear spots on your lawn, fill them with the plants, flowers, vegetables, or herbs that make you happy. Herbs don’t take long to flourish, and there’s something about seasoning your food with spite and animosity that is so refreshingly anti-zen.

Drown Your Problems, Not Your Plants

With parts of the country facing a drought, watering may not be an option for some, but for those without restrictions, watering should be done thoughtfully to make sure that you don’t over saturate the ground. Too little water could lead to stunted growth, while too much water could cause rot. Be careful where and how often you point that hose, is what I’m saying.

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Don’t Forget To Reward Yourself (And Maybe Your Enemies)

When you’re done growing your own food, why not treat yourself? For those with a questionable level of maturity like myself, there’s nothing like offering your boss a piece of zucchini bread with vegetables grown in your ‘I can’t believe you gave Jerry the promotion and not me’ row of veggies. Just saying.

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Be Patient

Seeds (like resentment, bitterness and regret) take time to reach the surface. Enjoy the process. You’ve got time.


Have you tried rage gardening? Did it help? Share with us in the comments!

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