We Tried Proven’s Personalized Skincare Routine, And We’re In Love

I was recently introduced to the skincare brand Proven and provided with a regimen of their products to review. I’m so excited to introduce you to the brand and share my experience.

Proven is a woman- and AAPI-founded company led by Dr. Amy Yuan & Ming Zhao. They started the world’s largest skincare database called The Skin Genome Project. 

The Skin Genome Project won MIT’s 2018 Artificial Intelligence Award. It’s a powerhouse of personalizing skincare to each individual. My first step was to go onto the provenskincare.com website and take a 3 minute survey about my skin, where I live, my age, hydration – everything. Then, their algorithm determined the best regimen and products for my particular circumstances. Shortly after, I received my products in the mail.

proven skincare reviews

The products were packaged beautifully and arrived safely. Their skincare line is formulated in collaboration with Dr. Hollmig, Head of Aesthetic Dermatology at Stanford University, so you know their science is legit. I started my new routine right away, the same night I received the products.

In my kit was: 

  • Personalized cleanser 

  • Day moisturizer with sunscreen

  • Night moisturizer

Here’s what I thought of each!

Proven Skincare

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The cleanser came in a pump and was very effective at removing my makeup, although, it didn’t foam up as much as my previous cleanser would. I like the light scent and it left my face feeling really clean and refreshed. Typically, I double cleanse but, with this cleanser, I felt like I could skip that second step, if I wanted, and still feel confident my makeup was all removed and skin was clean.

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My night moisturizer came in a jar. It’s thick without being heavy and has a nice cooling feeling when applied. It absorbed immediately and I found I didn’t need to use much to get really good coverage. My skin didn’t feel sticky or tacky afterward, which is a big deal for me — I hate laying my face on the pillow with that gooey feeling from heavy serums or creams. 

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The morning moisturizer came in a pump bottle and was a thicker, white cream, which I wasn’t expecting. It makes sense, though, since it includes sunscreen. I was worried it would make my skin look chalky, but that definitely wasn’t the case. It absorbed into my skin and was immediately invisible. I liked knowing my skin was protected from the sun all day.

Overall, I see a difference in the texture and dryness of my skin since I’ve been using this regimen. Even my husband commented on how nice my skin looked after about 10 days of using the products. The quality is really high and I’ll be continuing to use these products, re-ordering when I run out. I’m sold on Proven!


Will you try Proven Skincare after reading our review? Tell us in the comments!

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