We Tried The Matte Face Oil That Everyone Says Is Transforming Their Makeup Routine

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TikTok-ers always have their finger on the pulse of what’s trending. In fact, I’ve actually learned many interesting facts from watching hours of vids. For instance, I discovered I’ve been putting garbage bags in the can the wrong way

@chefnancyg How did I not know.. the right way to put in garbage bags #womeninstem #tiktoktutorial #garbagebaghack #lifehack ♬ Up – Cardi B

Not only do they know what’s hot before everyone else (are they psychic?) but they can make or break a brand. 

TikTok doesn’t like it? Wooo boy, buh-bye brand. Not really, but they can make a dent in a brand’s sales. But if TikTok loves a particular product, the public — at least me, I’m the public — will run out and buy what they tell us we MUST have. 

Sometimes they’re wrong but more often than not, they’re right. And with the Jason Wu Beauty Magic Matte Face Oil, they nailed it. This magic, mattifying oil is magical, indeed! It transforms your face into a matte palette for smoother looking skin. It blurs imperfections and gives it a healthy glow. 

It says it’s for oil-prone skin (which I do not have) but can be used as a primer, alone or under makeup. I just dabbed a few drops onto my face and, voilà, a better canvas appeared. Don’t take my word for it; TikTok beauty artists are singing its praises. 

Makeup artist Megs Cahill took to TikTok to share her love of Jason Wu’s face oil. “As you can see, I’m looking pretty glowy right now, and I want to go ahead and get that beautiful, supermodel matte look,” she says. 

@themegscahill This OIL CHANGED MY MAKEUP GAME🤤 genuinely shocked at how my makeup turned out wow. @jasonwubeauty #jasonwubeauty #makeuphacks #mattemakeup ♬ TO THE MOON – Jnr Choi & Sam Tompkins

“She applies a few drops to one side of her makeup-free face and rubs it in. After it sets, she notes how one side of her face looks shiny and the other has a soft matte finish. And her skin isn’t even oily! This means it’s a must-have for those with oily skin,” says StyleCaster

“Cahill says her makeup went on ‘so well’ and the oil even worked as a spot treatment to banish shine right on top of her foundation. ‘This is magic — literally,’” she says.

TikToker @BeautyInMonolids is also adoring the “lightweight” Magic Matte Face Oil, using it as a primer before foundation. “As I apply it, I do let it sink into the skin just for a few moments before applying the rest of my makeup,” she explains. “It does give a nice matte finish.” 

@beautyinmonolids @Jason Wu Beauty – Magic Matte Facial Oil – Perfect for oily skin and isn’t overly drying! I do only half my face cuz I’m a lazy sack.. Lol #fyp #jasonwubeauty #jasonwumakeup #asianmakeupartist #makeupvideopost ♬ original sound – BeautyInMonolids

She says that if you’re “super oily,” you should let it absorb into your skin a little longer to let it dry fully. “The hydrating oil contains oil-absorbing silica, which is how it’s able to mattify so quickly. But since it also contains skin-conditioning ingredients, it won’t dry out your face.”

Jason Wu’s Beauty line is also vegan, cruelty-free and part of Target’s Clean program.

Thank you, TikTok, for alerting me to yet another must-have beauty product. It’s available at Target if you want to see the magic for yourself!

Jason Wu Beauty Magic Matte Face Oil

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