Is Your Hair Thinning? Don’t Freak Out — These Products Will Save The Day

I am a perpetually stressed out person. I think it’s because of my variety of health issues, which includes diagnosed anxiety, and my general practices. So, when my hair started thinning…well, I freaked out.

I did a bunch of research and found supplements and answers to help – thank god for Google, ammirite? – and I’m here to share the good news: my hair isn’t coming out in clumps when I wash it anymore! Sure, there’s a bunch of strands that come out, but when my hair dries? You can’t tell.

Wondering how I helped my hair? Read on for some tips, and the best products for thinning hair.


Why Is My Hair Thinning?

There are a bunch of reasons your hair may be thinning. For example, hormones that are out of wack can cause hair loss. Anemia (iron deficiency) can also cause hair loss, because iron helps produce hair cell protein. 

Stress is a big one, because androgen (aka the male hormone) can increase, leading to hair loss. It can also cause factors such as dandruff and irregular eating patterns. And, speaking of irregular eating patterns: drastic weight loss can also cause hair loss, because loss of nutrients first affects your hair. 

And then, of course, there are external factors. Constantly messing with your hair – be it hair dye, chemical straightening, or heat-treating products – can also result in thinning. 

Do any of these sound familiar? Then you can probably figure out why your hair is thinning. Try lessening the use of curlers and straighteners, talk to a therapist, get some bloodwork done, and treat your body right. I know, I know, easier said than done. But even taking the tiniest steps can help you to keep that full mane.

What Are The Best Products For Thinning Hair?

Wondering about the best products for hair thinning? We’ve got you covered. Try out the below to keep your hair in check.

products for thinning hair


The Wet Brush

Turns out brushing your hair aggressively when it’s wet is a bad thing. (We all see the amount of hair that comes out when we shower, so imagine that times 10 when you use a brush.) This brush uses soft Intelliflex bristles, so your hair will no longer rip out when you try and make nice with it!

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Nutrafol is a god-send for those looking to solve hair-thinning from the inside out. Its packed with ingredients such as horsetail (for resistance to breaking) and curcumin (to reduce hair loss), so your mane will look amazing.

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Wanting to treat your hair better when you’re cleaning it? Turn to Nioxin — their hair products are made specifically to fight hair thinning. Shampoo stops breakage and nourishes hair starting at the scalp, and their oral supplements are filled with biotin.

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Magic Elixir Hair Restructuring Concentrate

Before you wash your hair, add a drop of Kiehl’s magic elixir to your shampoo and conditioner. Or, rub it into your roots a few minutes before you wash. The rosemary leaf helps with blood flow within your scalp and increases circulation, giving your hair a healthy place to sprout.

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products for thinning hair

products for thinning hair



Bumble & Bumble Heat/UV Protective Primer

This heat protectant oil is perfect for dry, thinning, and brittle hair. Yeah, you should probably be avoiding heat when your hair is thinning, but you can’t always resist a good blowout. This oil will de-frizz and detangle, while simultaneously providing relief from heat and UV.

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The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

This dry serum has effective hair thickening magic in the formula because it actually works. I use it at the crown of my head and hairline as a preventative measure and I’ve found an increased growth of baby hairs in that area. Remember to use it consistently and gently rub it into your scalp! It has also received a lot of hype on Tiktok and I can fully vouch for this product.

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hair thinning


Is thinning hair a concern for you? Which of our products for thinning hair are you going to try out? Let us know in the comments!

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