How Past Life Regression Meditation Helped Me Discover My Past Self

Knowing you’ve lived a previous life and kinda, sorta thinking that maybe you have are two very different scenarios. I love to help people bridge that gap between kinda believing and knowing. If you are at all like me, somewhere in the distant past, your interest in past lives was piqued. Perhaps you started to explore psychic phenomena out of curiosity, perhaps astrology, mysticism or even hypnosis. Perhaps you were introduced to the idea from friends from Asia or you came across it in a movie or a book that heightened your desire to know.


My path involved all of the above. I was blessed to have a very spiritual, very forward thinking hypnotherapy instructor that opened my eyes further to the possibility through the teaching of very deep self-hypnosis techniques and regression therapy. Current life regression hypnosis involves assisting the individual to enter the trance state where they are very physically and mentally relaxed, yet still focused and attentive to your guidance. What follows is a carefully crafted series of questions that takes that individual back along their timeline to various events linked to an unhealthy emotion that is causing them pain. As we explore each event in time, there is the opportunity for deep healing at the subconscious level to occur through the reframing of the situation using wiser understandings (these are typically from the person’s own adult perspective or that of their soul). In my professional practice of these methods, I often came across that the issue they came in for did not have its genesis in this life. In other words, following the prompting of my questions, the individual would enter the womb of their mother, then would go further into the “in-between” state (where you wait to incarnate), and even to a past life scenario that was not expected.

Needless to say, this was a surprise and a half! My teacher would suggest that these happenings were not possibility, but probability. Because they would happen with some regularity, I began to read up on the phenomena. I came across a book called Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss that shed much light and clarity on the subject (I highly recommend this as it comes from a scientific, skeptic perspective…at first). Dr. Weiss figured prominently in my journey in another way as he led me and about 200 other people in a past life group regression.

The scene was a spiritual speaker series — say that 3 times fast — conference in Pasadena and I was all over it. Having been through normal regression therapy, I knew its power to heal and I was hugely curious to go through the past life version that some clients of mine were experiencing. Now, it must be explained that the style of this type of work in a group is typically for entertainment purposes rather than therapeutic as the guide is working with too many people at once to truly facilitate deep healing. That being said, I entered trance easily and was guided to a vision of myself as a very poor, homeless man in India. Not only that, I was an untouchable — the lowest caste of souls/people in that belief system. I came to understand that I experienced much hunger, humiliation, pain and loneliness in that lifetime in order to build self-compassion, self-reliance and compassion for others. What I experienced in this process happened too quickly to say that my mind was making it up and the experience was too vivid with too many details. Plus, I just knew it to be true as the soul does already. 

past life regression meditation

Because I have guided others through the process of soul evolution and healing and have gone through such events personally, I can say wholeheartedly that I know past lives are real. I know they have direct bearing on our current lifetime in the form of karma needing balancing and soul aspects needing integration. But don’t take my word for it. Never. Explore, and have fun exploring!


Have you ever gone through past life regression meditation? What was your experience like? Share with us in the comments!

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