OC Market In Laguna Hills Is A Hidden Gem That You Need To Check Out ASAP

We recently went on a quest to find fun places to shop while remaining socially distant, and found ourselves near the ocean at The OC Open Market. There are about 200 different vendors — from boutiques, candles, and jewelry to other unique collectibles and more — making this a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that every southern Californian should experience.


Located Upstairs, 24100 Laguna Hills Mall Floor 2, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Here are a few of our favorite local shops!


The Sivan Collection

OC Market

The Sivan Collection offers a number of ethically sourced, non-toxic products to enhance your quality of life while providing a calming and relaxing effect. A variety of uniquely scented candles ranging from Cinnamon Chai to Temecula Citrus to Mango and Coconut Milk create soothing scents sure to mellow you after even the most strenuous of days. Seasonal and special edition candles are also available. For those looking for the same effect of a candle, but in a faster and more convenient form, the Sivan Collection also offers many of the same scents in various room sprays. And none of this even mentions the personal products such as bath soaking salts and a Moroccan Clay Exfoliating Mask. This is a must-stop shop next time you’re nearby.


OC MarketOC Market

Ampersand is an incredibly unique and welcoming home décor and accessory shop that will make you feel like you are already home the minute you step inside. Specializing in a number of eco-friendly items for your home or personal workspace, there are so many things to love about this place. From pillows and throws to zinc and copper planters to many other decorative and functional items, this store is the place to go for a housewarming gift or something for yourself. These products are oftentimes made from repurposed items, by hand, right here in the USA. Be sure to stop in the next time you are in the area.

Equinox Farms

OC Market OC Market
There are individuals and shops which offer custom and specialized candles, and then there is Equinox Farms. If you or someone you know likes candles and you’re in the Southern California area, you have to come by. If they love candles and live somewhere else, get them a plane ticket! This place not only has unique candles, they have multiple unique collections of candles. From funny to motivational to retrospective, there is no doubt you will be able to find the perfect creation for any day or mood. Whether you fancy something from the Hustle and Focus Collection, the Mama Needs Wine Collection or even a seasonal selection, this place has it. It is definitely worth a trip by itself.


OC MarketOC Market

Poppystreet not only offers earth-friendly décor, furniture and other similar items; they offer a completely unique service in the form of event rentals. Imagine hosting a small and intimate gathering in your home or backyard, as well as a larger event in a special location. How much more personal and intimate would it feel if instead of your standard folding table and chairs your guests were lounging around in custom made wood and wicker furniture and tables, soft pillows and throws, and other similar items? Decorative wall hangings are a favorite of many customers. This should be at the top of your list of places to check out next time you come in.

Backroad Craftn

OC MarketOC Market

Backroad Craftn’ is one of those places filled with things that you didn’t realize you wanted until you visit. This shop has so many unique and creative decorative items for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and it is easy for anyone to lose a whole afternoon just browsing the offerings. These items are nearly always handmade and painted, and add a personalized feel to any room or area they are in. And if seasonal crafts and decorations are your thing, this is one of the best places in all of SoCal to visit. Gingerbread men and women, along with Frosty the Snowman cutouts could decorate your Christmas this year. Patriotic holidays are also very well represented. And if you like various handmade signs with inspirational and comforting quotes, that alone is reason enough to stop by.

Paper Panduh

OC Market

Paper Panduh is what happens when creativity and visions collide with office supplies. Anybody can set a few pens and some stationary products out on display and post them on a website. But in keeping with the specialized appeal of all the shops at the OC Open Market, this place makes boring office products come to life with personality and charm. Do you need a colorful and vibrant gel tipped pin? How about whimsical deco sheets or stickers? Maybe you need labels of various sizes, shapes and designs. One item worth special mention is the first edition personal planner. Whatever you need in the way office accessories and necessities, just stop in and see the Panduh on your next trip.

Hollywood Barn

OC MarketOC Market

The Hollywood Barn is a must-visit for anyone who is a fan of rustic and rural home décor, furniture and accessories. Instead of filling a room or even an entire home with generic and mass produced items, this shop specializes in individual and handmade pieces. The farm and rustic inspired accessories include rugs, pillows and bedding, tables and chairs, dressers and chests and many other items. In addition to that, you can genuinely see the artistry and creativity that goes into some of their offerings such as lamps made from plumbing pipes and other decorative accessories. You have to pop in for a look around the next chance you get.


Do you live in the OC area? If so, do you plan on checking out the OC market? Let us know in the comments below!


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