I Did Kate Hudson’s Daily Routine And It Made My Days So Much Better

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Morning routines are genuinely the most sacred time of the day for me. One of the first Markey Tries It articles I ever wrote was testing celebrities’ morning routines. But I’ve recently noticed that my current morning routine that I’ve stuck to for about a year and a half takes far too long and is not sustainable, so I need a change.

So this week, I’m going back to the drawing board and letting a celebrity dictate my morning routine.

Kate Hudson’s Morning Routine

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Of all the celebrity morning routines I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot), Kate Hudson’s routine seems to be the most similar to mine. She’s got it down to an art and seems to tick every mental and physical health to-do off her list first thing. 

One thing I find unrealistic about published morning routines is that they are not always genuine. 

Kate Hudson is an actor, entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and mom of three, to name a few things. She’s busy and she more than likely doesn’t do everything on this list every day. 

That being said, her routine is relatively easy and it’s one of the few routines that can either take an hour or three, so it’s very flexible and doable. Famous last words. 

Here are the main elements of her routine:

1. Hydrate

We all say it but we don’t do it nearly as much as we ought to. But Kate Hudson does. She prioritizes four main sources of hydration: lemon water, celery juice, black coffee, and a smoothie with her INBLOOM Immunity Defense.

2. Get moving first thing

One of Kate Hudson’s life hacks is to put on your workout clothes as soon as you get out of bed, especially when you don’t feel like working out. Hudson does a ton of workouts but usually gravitates towards yoga, dance, pilates, and functional strength training.

3. Put a face mask on

This provides some designated ‘me time’ in the morning as well as prioritizing your skincare.

4. Meditate

Hudson says mindfulness is the key to wellness. She likes to meditate and connect to the root of any issue, especially when she gets up on the ‘wrong side of the bed,’ so she doesn’t misdirect her feelings.

My Week

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I think I’ve found my perfect morning routine. I’ve been in a rut for a little while because my morning routine was taking five to six hours and it was getting out of hand. I started dreading any kind of travel or any event that took place before noon because my morning routine wouldn’t be over by that time. 

But Kate Hudson’s routine was the perfect solution to that problem. While Hudson doesn’t specify the amount of time she spent on each individual aspect of her routine, the division and concentration helped me to categorize my morning and hit each goal without it taking half my day. 

I woke up every morning and put my workout clothes on immediately. I did yoga for the first hour, then turned on my jazz radio and got some work done. After that, I did my quiet time and drank my coffee and my second bottle of water for the day. I then meditated, put on a face mask, and did a barre class. 

While it sounds like a lot, because everything was so sectioned out, I was actually able to do more and accomplish each task in a shorter amount of time. 

There were a few days when I focused on skin care rather than a face mask, but all in all, I’m taking this routine and running with it.

My Results

In case it isn’t obvious, Kate Hudson’s routine is my favorite celebrity morning routine I’ve ever tried. While it did give me pause, I loved that the amount of time it took her to do all of this was never disclosed. She’s a busy woman, and I’m sure there are some mornings when her routine takes one hour and others when it takes four. 

I loved this routine so much and I felt like it checked every mental and physical health box first thing in the morning.


Do you want to try Kate Hudson’s morning routine? What should I try next? Comment below!

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