If You Thought “All Too Well” Was A Hit Before, Wait Til You See Taylor Swift’s New Short Film

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Just like with Michael Jackson’s Thriller (1983), and Lady Gaga’s Telephone (2010), the time has come for Taylor Swift to have a go at her own music video turned short film.

The song for the short in question is a newly recorded take on arguably her most popular deep cut, ‘All Too Well,’ from her well-received 2012 album ‘Red.’ The short film — also naturally titled All Too Well — clocks in at 15 minutes, written and directed by the music star. The leads of the extended video are popular actors Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink, with Swift making a brief cameo near the end.


In upstate New England, we follow the course of a relationship between a couple (O’Brien and Sink) who appear to have a slightly prominent age gap. Swift’s original song is believed to be inspired by her famous ex-boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal, from when they dated back in 2010-11.

The short features many obvious references to her lyrics such as a famous scarf mentioned in the first verse. Since the newly arranged version of the title song is up to 10 minutes long, there are only two legitimate scenes with dialogue and both O’Brien and Sink sell them well.

For those wondering why Swift would bother making a whole short film for a song that’s nearly a decade old, the singer-songwriter is actually in the process of releasing re-recordings of her first six albums as a countermeasure to when she lost ownership of her masters in 2019. Her short film is an accompaniment to the new album ‘Red (Taylor’s Version),’ also out this week.

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Regarding the new version of ‘All Too Well’ as a song, I think I agree with the early reactions, that the original 2012 LP track is still probably the stronger version and doesn’t overstay its welcome with only a 5-minute runtime. Though, as the soundtrack for a long music video, the 10-minute cut obviously works in a different context visually.

Even with Swift’s knack of getting people to regularly sympathize with her in song, I don’t think anyone would suggest subtlety is the artist’s forte. As a filmmaker, she wears her heart on her sleeve just as much as she does on record. Either you dig it or you don’t. O’Brien and Sink surprisingly have a decent amount of chemistry for their limited screentime and are successfully effective in the emotional moments. All Too Well is clearly a passion project from a personal place for Swift, which is why it doesn’t feel too awkward or amateur as her first attempt at a traditional film narrative; her past efforts co-directing some of her regular music videos are also an obvious factor.

All Too Well might not do much for the average music listener or film viewer, but if social media spam is anything to go by, avid TSwift fanatics will eat it up thoroughly.


Are you excited for Taylor Swift’s new releases this season? Is All Too Well a modern classic? Let us know in the comments!

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