Easy & Practical Tips To Improve Your Creativity

When you enjoy writing, painting, and other types of creativity, you’re probably always on the lookout for new ways to hone your skills. While time and experience could be essential, there might also be other factors that you need to think of. Although these might not be as obvious, they could greatly impact your ability to create new pieces, find the motivation to complete existing ones that have been previously left to one side, and even find a bit more confidence in yourself.

You may first want to consider your ability to actually be able to indulge in your creative hobby or career in the first place. For example, if you deal with the visual arts (writing, painting, photography, etc.), you’ll want to make sure your eyesight is as good as possible. The importance of one’s eyes could, theoretically, carry over to a number of creative industries. Not only can good sight help you to make a piece, but it might also allow you to better enjoy the finished result. Presenting yourself for an exam each year, or when you notice a change in your sight, can allow you to keep your eye prescription up to date. Plus, it’s easier than ever to order glasses online, which can be, conveniently, sent directly to you and help you to get back to doing what you love without poor sight affecting your talent!

Also, along those lines, you may want to adapt how you look at things to help you tap into some more creativity. As we grow up, it’s easy to lose the thrill of childlike imagination. By attempting to see the world as a child does, you may be struck with further inspiration, like how you can be more creative in ways that an adult might not have considered. Taking on a younger mindset may also help you to feel more positive, overall, especially if you are able to mentally cast off the pressures of adulthood when in your creative space.

Creative endeavors can also be daunting because of the feedback you might receive – especially if your work is displayed publicly. It can be good to remember that people are welcome to their opinions, both good and bad, but don’t let those opinions stop you from partaking in something that you love! Learning how not to be affected by what others think about you will be incredibly freeing. You could still listen to (and potentially consider) constructive criticism, but feel free to disregard comments that serve no purpose to help you better yourself and your craft.

Ultimately, being creative can be a way to relax and unwind, for some, and a career path for others. When you want to get those creative juices flowing to make a new piece of art, song, or story, consider how you can put yourself in a position where this might be a little easier – and more life-giving – to do.


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