Gray Is The New Blonde! Here’s How To Grow Out The Gray And Embrace Your Natural Hair

Low-maintenance beauty is all the rage since we’ve spent the last year cooped up indoors. And honestly, probably none of us really want to go back to high-maintenance beauty. Too much trouble and too much time, am I right? I’ve seriously downgraded my makeup and hair routine, and another thing women everywhere are ditching is covering up gray hairs. 

Natural beauty is everything, ladies! Here are some tips on how to peacefully make that transition to gray, and some inspo pics to get you excited!


Growing Out Gray Hair: The How-To

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Well, I’ll get the obvious out of the way — you could just let it grow out! This is a super feasible option if your hair isn’t a very vibrant or dark color, as the gray shouldn’t make a super harsh line as it grows. But if your hair is vibrant or if you’ve been dying it, you might not want the duo-tone look of just growing it all out at once.

In that case, my go-to option would be to let your roots grow out a few inches and then hop over to the hairdresser. Tell them you want to let the gray grow out but you want it to be a nice ombre-esque fade into your current hair color, or ask them to do some color correction by giving your hair gray highlights. A good stylist will be able to make the transition look seamless!

One of the great things about growing out your gray right now is that gray is super in, even among people who don’t yet have any natural gray! So staying on trend is one thing you definitely don’t have to worry about.

Gray Hair Inspo

Second step, let’s get motivated! Follow these stellar Insta accounts for some gray hair style inspo.

Going Gray Is About Embracing Yourself!

If you’re a long-time fan of She’s a Full on Monet, you know we’re all about that self-love and self-care! Growing out your grays isn’t just about staying on top of the latest trends or saving money on hair dye every month — it’s another invitation to draw closer to yourself and embrace all of your natural beauty. Enjoy the journey!


Are you going to start growing out your grays? Or have you already been rocking your natural hair color for years? Let us know in the comments!

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