Good Vibes Only? Toxic Positivity Needs To Go

We live in a time of a spiritual awakening and revolution really. One where mindfulness, positivity and hyper-awareness is coming to the forefront of a lot of our lives. Even in the midst of all of this there an innate problem, and one that lends itself to doing more harm than good. It starts with the ‘Good vibes only’ culture. 


Toxic Positivity

This creates what is referred to as toxic positivity. What is toxic positivity? To keep it as simple as I can, it’s oversimplifying happiness and a state of optimism that results in the denial, minimization and invalidation of true, authentic human expression. When someone believes and practices the ‘good vibes only’ way of life they do way more harm to those around them than good. This toxic positivity is usually masked with what are now mainstream catch phrases. Some examples would be ‘Don’t worry, be happy!’, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’, ‘It could be worse.’, and so forth. You’ve heard them used a lot, seen them on t-shirts, and no doubt have seen them posted all over your Instagram feed. 

Toxic Positivity

So many times, when someone uses these sort of catch phrases to respond to you, haven’t you been left feeling unheard or unacknowledged? Like your feelings didn’t matter at all to them? This isn’t uncommon. When you interact with someone who will throw out these phrases and professes to live by the ‘good vibes only’ movement it can tend to leave you empty and diminished. That’s because built within these types of catch phrases are inherent toxic non-acceptance. They diminish your feelings around whatever it is that you’re currently dealing with, when in fact you may be attempting to reach out to them with something you’re struggling with. Those who choose to say these things and live this way are more often than not simply trying to make themselves feel comfortable rather than hearing what you’re actually feeling. 

“ can tend to leave you empty and diminished.”

It’s ok to not be ok. So many of us are afraid to say that out loud, but try it for a second as you’re reading this. Say, “It’s ok to not be ok.” It’s ok for me to not be ok all the time. Acknowledging and being authentic about what you’re truly feeling is part of accepting things for what they are and a way to be able to restore yourself to a place of self-empowerment. And empowerment never needs a catchphrase.
Toxic Positivity
The ‘Good Vibes Only’ movement creates toxicity within a lot of people, toxic positivity, due to its nature of non-acceptance. It’s like brushing off things that are happening as if they don’t matter. Yes, it’s true that everything is temporary, but without authentic awareness and acceptance of what is, you’re creating more bad than good. So, ditch the ‘good vibes’ and replace them with authenticity. It may not get your more Instagram likes, but it sure will feel a whole lot better.

What do you think of toxic positivity? Did you know it existed before this post? Did you have any self-realizations? Let us know in the comments below!

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