These Stunning Dessert Charcuterie Boards Are Unbelievably Easy To Make

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What’s up with the charcuterie trend? Everywhere I scroll people are going bananas over charcuterie boards — there are even businesses that make them for you! Maybe it’s that they’re insanely Instagrammable, or super sophisticated, or easily customizable and super yummy? Well, whatever the reason, I’m here for it.

We all know about the classic meat-and-cheese charcuterie boards (I had one at a restaurant in Rome that I still dream about tbh), and charcuterie has even broken into the breakfast realm. But today we’re going to talk about my personal favorite way to do this trend — dessert charcuterie boards.

Grab one of our favorite boards and let’s get started!



Sweet Confections

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The thing that really ties this charcuterie board together is the color palette. Lots of pink shades catch the eye and are rounded out well with the decorative addition of pink flowers. Other than pink, we get yummy neutrals from the other pastries and some shimmery pops of color from the sprinkles on some of the desserts.

So the key here is choosing a good color palette and emphasizing that with inedible decor (unless you’re Wonka, that is!). And the genre of sweets is also consistent — other than the chocolate covered pretzels, this board is mainly pastries. Consistency is key!

Chocolate Delight

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Again, we have the consistent color palette in the above board, but this time it’s a little more adult and less whimsical. Chocolate takes the cake (pun intended) here, with occasional accents of red from the berries and even pink wrapped chocolates toward the bottom. Don’t forget to add the glasses of red wine when you take pics of this one!

I also love how this board incorporates varieties of the same food — we can see plain strawberries and chocolate covered strawberries, different types of pretzels, and chocolate bark alongside hard dark chocolates. The shades of the different kinds of chocolate also add some visual diversity to the board while sticking to the theme.

Deconstructed Desserts

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The DIY element here is going to be extra fun for your kids! The board above is a deconstructed hot chocolate board, and it’s honestly so much more fun than just handing your kids a mug of hot chocolate. I like to think of this as fro-yo style hot chocolate —  you know how when you walk into your favorite frozen yogurt place, you choose your base and then have approximately a million toppings to pick from? That’s the idea here — and this way, nobody’s arguing on what to put in the hot chocolate! You can also do this idea with s’mores or even cake pops. It’s basically an edible activity, and I am here for it.

Childhood Memories

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Your child’s birthday party is about to look so cute. I picked this board because it’s the ultimate sweet tooth’s dream — candy. I love how colorful the board is, featuring bright pastels and lots of different textures. The skewered ribboned candy really pulls this one together for me as it adds the perfect fun, whimsical texture to this board, making it perfect for any child’s birthday party! Or just for your next rainy day. Or just for you. I won’t tell.

A Bit of Everything

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Okay, the above is what I like to call deluxe and a little bit of everything. Seriously, everything. We’ve got fruit, chocolate, pretzels, candy, cookies, dried apricots, and raisins. Freaking yum. And gorgeous — we’ve got lots of warm colors with the red berries and the oranges, the dark blue of the blueberries provides another focal point of interest without being overwhelming, and the white of the powdered sugar pastries against the chocolate gives the whole board an elegant feel.


Have you tried making dessert charcuterie boards yet? Do you have any other tips that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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