12 Unbelievably Comfy Pants You Can Rock At Home And At The Office

The new normal has us spending more time in baggy clothes and loungewear (one of the perks of the pandemic maybe?) but at some point a lot of us will be needing to head back to the office if we haven’t already. So when duty calls but you’re not quite ready to let go of the comfy pants just quite yet, you’ve found yourself in the right place. Luckily for you, wide-fit silhouettes have been in for quite some time now and we don’t see them going anywhere soon — so that will conveniently lend itself to today’s list of comfy pants that are also office appropriate!


What To Look For: 

Pull-on pants are going to be your best friend! The stretch and elastic waistband are really going to help with the comfort factor. Aim for wide-fit, straight, or kick flare silhouettes that are going to allow more movement with little to no restriction. For fabrics, natural fibers and cotton blends are going to be the most comfy and soft to the touch. Trousers with a sheen and a flat hand will also look more formal (think satin and ponte). You don’t have to ditch rib pants completely, just opt for darker colors (navy, black, dark grey) which will look more professional and formal. I also recommend incorporating some work-appropriate patterns like geometric prints in darker color palettes that will elevate your look. 

What To Avoid:

Silhouettes that are ultra comfortable but not work-appropriate would be joggers and sweatpants. Elastic waistbands with drawstrings are also much too casual for an office setting. Instead, opt for pants with hidden elastic waistbands or in dark colors where the ribbing is much more subtle. Avoid pants with no stretch in the fabric and snug fastenings. If you are rocking lounge knit bottoms, you’ll want to avoid thin fabrics (again, opting for a darker color will conceal the thinness of the pant but choosing heavier weight knits will always look a lot more professional). Additionally, slim or skinny fit pants (although they look amazing in a work setting) are going to be restrictive.

Fashion Editor Approved Picks:

Pull-On Pants

All these picks are unbelievably comfortable! Like sweaters, they’re super soft to the touch (specifically the sweater pants from Banana Republic and ASOS lounge pants) and sturdy enough despite being knits. I’ve also chosen trendier pieces like the pull-on satin pants (so chic with booties) and tweed pull-on pants with some flare.

**Style Tip: To elevate the trouser for a more formal look, do a half tuck with your blouse or sweater to conceal part of the elastic waistband and layer with a blazer or coat.

Wide-Fit Pants

Loose-fit and straight fit pants have been trending and continue to trend in this season of “new normal”. These 3 pieces take on the popular silhouette while incorporating trendy trims for an overall contemporary look. I personally love pleated trousers because they’re so simple yet make the whole piece so much more stylish. These picks also come in more colorways!

**Style Tip: These can easily be styled for day to night with a simple switch in shoes or accessories.

Patterned Pants

Workwear does not have to be boring! I’m obsessed with these 3 picks because they incorporate elastic waistbands for that lounge wear comfort while still maintaining a professional vibe with neutral/dark patterns. So far from boring but also very much work-appropriate.

**Style Tip: For the office, pair patterns with classic staple pieces (e.g. white buttoned down blouse or black turtleneck) for a refined look. Let the patterns be the statement.


Are you headed back to the office soon? Which new pair of trousers are you adding to your comfy office-appropriate wardrobe? Let us know below!

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