Is Caraway Cookware Worth The Hype? We Tested Them Out

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Something that became painfully apparent when I was packing to move houses a couple months ago was how badly I needed new cookware. My nonstick frying pan (that I’d had for at least 6 years) was dull, and everything stuck to it – my last few batches of scrambled eggs would’ve put my mother to shame. 

Needless to say, when Caraway offered to send us some product samples to review, I jumped at the chance!

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Caraway Cookware Review

Caraway sent me their fry pan and dutch oven to review, both in the “Cream” color option. Firstly, they’re aesthetically flawless. The sleek, low-profile curved handles on the lids (and on the sides of the dutch oven) give the cookware an effortlessly modern appeal and will only add to the look of any kitchen. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to keep this cookware on display instead of hiding it away – perfect if you’re outfitting a tiny kitchen.

Both the frying pan and the dutch oven boast the following:

  • Non-Toxic Coating (Free of PTFEs)

  • Stovetop Agnostic (Induction, Gas, & Electric Safe)

  • Non-Stick Ceramic, Aluminum Core, & Stainless Steel Handles

  • Oven Safe Up to 550°F

  • Free of PTFE (such as Teflon®)

  • Free of Heavy Metals

  • Free of PFOA

  • Free of other PFAs

And I’m happy to say that both, at least so far, hold up to expectation!

I’ve only had my Caraway cookware for about a week, so I can’t speak to durability, but I can speak to everything else. And wow, everything else makes this buy worth it! 

So far, in Caraway’s frying pan, I’ve made fried rice, scrambled eggs, and tilapia. The cooking process couldn’t have been breezier. The care instructions that came with the cookware warned that it’s particularly good at conducting heat and said not to use it much above medium heat. I’ve found medium-high to be the sweet spot for most of the cooking process, though I have a gas stove and always adjust the heat throughout.

The pan definitely heated up evenly – a huge bonus, since it’s on the bigger end of frying pans and is likely bigger than some smaller electric burners. It also holds heat well, and Caraway’s claims that it’s easy to clean are not unfounded – cleanup was a breeze! I was able to rinse off all the residue under some running water, and a simple swipe with a sponge and some soap did the trick!

I haven’t gotten a ton of use out of the dutch oven yet. I usually bake all my loaves of bread in one, but I recently went gluten free, so bread baking has been off the table. However, I did make a vegan alfredo dish in it the other night, and the results were as expected – perfect. Cleanup was similarly perfect, and I’m excited to see how these pieces hold up to the oven!

Rave Reviews

Don’t want to take my word for it? Then don’t – take the word of these reviews, instead:

“Been cooking for 50 years now and this is the best cookware ever. Safe, non toxic, non- stick ceramic and super easy to clean!”

“I am a health coach, nutritional therapist, and recipe developer and have heard many of my colleagues talk about Caraway. I finally decided to order my own! I am impressed with their performance. The non-stick is actually non-stick, while also being nontoxic — the whole purpose of my ordering them! Plus, they are beautiful. I like a little pop of color in my kitchen, and these certainly bring it!!”

“I received my Caraway set and was very pleased with the color and the quality of the product. We cooked our first meals: Eggs and bacon – my husband said I cooked them perfect (it was the quality of the cookware that made the difference). We fried steaks and we were amazed at how evenly the steaks were cooked. Very easy to clean and store!”

Caraway Cookware Set 

caraway cookware review



Are you going to try Caraway Cookware? Let us know in the comments below!

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