Forget Cheese Boards, Butter Boards Are The New Thing (And We’re Obsessed)

Thanks to the wonderful internet, “butter boards” are officially a thing and have taken the world by storm in a very short time. This trendy snacking idea originated from chef and cookbook author Joshua McFadden, but thanks to social platforms like TikTok, it’s really picked up speed. 

A butter board is exactly what the name suggests: butter on a board. Generally, you’ll choose a softened butter to spread prettily onto a wooden board or platter, and sprinkle it with flaky sea salt, lemon zest, herbs, honey, or whatever creative toppings you may enjoy.

Once your butter board is created, use dipping items like bread, fruit, and crackers to enjoy alongside. There are a few ways you can go with this concept, and we shared a few of our favorite recipe concepts below. These are meant to inspire you, but feel free to tweak based on your personal preference.

Savory Butter Board 

Once you have your wooden board or fancy platter buttered with soft butter, it’s time to make it a bit more savory. Start with your flaky sea salt and herbs of choice. Then, take a small amount of butter and heat it on the stovetop or microwave with crushed garlic. Drizzle the heated mixer over your board, but not too much as you don’t want to overflow your board. You can now add things like kalamata olives, chopped cherry tomatoes, or any other veggies that pack a flavorful punch. Heat up some bread and get to dipping!

Sweet Butter Board 

Just like the savory board, prepare your board by spreading softened butter to cover. You can choose to add a small amount of sea salt if you wish. The sweeter board is your chance to enjoy things such as lemon zest, dried berries, hot honey, jams, and nuts. The combination of the butter, the sweetness, and the crunch just makes for a perfect moment. 

Sweet butter boards make the perfect appetizer at gatherings, especially late morning or post dinner time. Dip your sweet butter board with sweeter breads and chip options. You can also cut up pieces of fruit, such as apples, to use as dipping helpers. 

Peanut Butter Board 

Who said it just had to be traditional butter? If you have an issue with the butter part, or just want to try an alternative, give peanut butter a shot. For me, this concept seems a little more appealing, which is why I decided to create this myself. If you have a household of active children, this also serves as a great after school snack option. Simply spread peanut butter on your board or platter, just as you would with softened butter. Creamy peanut butter tends to work best. Top your peanut butter with delicious toppings such as: hot honey, miniature chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate drizzle, cinnamon sugar, etc. Enjoy it with dipping items such as sliced apples and pretzel chips. This butter alternative makes for a big party pleaser, no matter the occasion. 


We love these delicious and decorative boards! Tell us what you think in the comments!

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