Super Easy Sustainable Swaps Just In Time For Earth Day

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Even though Earth Day is only once a year, it’s our goal to treat every day as if it was Earth Day! The easiest way to do that is by swapping out some of your everyday household items for sustainable alternatives. Incorporating sustainability into your daily life will not only be of great service to Mother Earth, but it will also make you more mindful of the impact you’re having on the environment. 

So, without further ado, these are the sustainable swaps we’re making this Earth Day, and you should, too!

Dropps Detergent Pods

dropps diswasher tabs

Dropps sent us samples of their eco-friendly laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent pods to try out, and we were not disappointed! The laundry detergent packs a punch for being such a tiny pod and left our clothes smelling (and looking) clean. The dishwasher detergent pods work WAY better than the powdered eco-friendly detergent we’ve been using — no residue! 

The detergents are made from natural, plant-based enzymes, and the pod casing is made from water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol. New Dropps customers can get 25% off your first purchase with our code MONET25, and existing customers can get 15% off with the code MONET15. 


Repurpose Paper Products

repurpose bamboo paper towels

Repurpose also sent us some of their paper products to try — bamboo toilet paper, paper towels, and compostable trash bags. The toilet paper and paper towels get an A+ from us. Both are thick and absorbent, and the fact that they’re sustainably sourced from renewable materials (namely bamboo) is just icing on the cake. The trash bags are okay, though we don’t recommend them for your main kitchen trash, as they tear very easily. Stick to using them for smaller, lighter waste, like your compost (which is what we’re using them for!). 

You can get 15% off your purchase from Repurpose with the code “monet.”


Reusable Silicone Food Bags

Willstar Reusable Silicone Food Bag

Families can go through plenty of food bags — think snacks, leftovers, travel items, and more. This set of silicone bags allow you to organize your pantry or suitcase with a durable material you can simply wash and reuse.



lastswab cotton swab

Okay, this may sound gross, but we reuse toothbrushes, so why can’t we reuse swabs? Instead of a pack of a hundred non-recyclable cotton swabs, buy one swab you can wash and reuse. Easy peasy.


Reusable Bee’s Wax Food Wraps

reusable beeswax food wraps

These gorgeous food wraps are so much better than the plastic cling we grew up with. The beeswax-coated material adheres to itself, yet doesn’t stick to the food inside. Magic!


Makeup Eraser

the original makeup eraser

Instead of using wasteful disposable makeup removing wipes, try the makeup eraser. The little eraser gets off every bit of makeup, then can be thrown in the wash to clean. Much better than rebuying the same wipes over and over again.


Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

earth rated dog poop bags

While poo is biodegradable, it’s weird that the bags we use to dispose of the mess aren’t. The Earth Rated dog poop bags are compostable and come in either lavender or unscented options. The brand also makes compostable cleansing wipes for your pooch.

SHOP AT CHEWY – $13.99

Thinx Period Underwear

thinx period underwear 

There’s a reason Thinx caused a stir when it first hit the market: it’s a total game changer. Ditch the need for pads or tampons with these period-absorbing undergarments. The company also offers an option for those who live with bladder leaks.


Cora Menstrual Cup

cora menstrual cup

The feminine hygiene business is BIG business. Which doesn’t always bode well for the environment. This menstrual cup is reusable and gets top marks for being good for beginners.


Honest Plant-Based Cloth Diapers

honest reusable cloth diapers

Mamas and papas love Honest diapers for the stuff inside. Not THAT stuff – the pre-poo stuff. Namely, the chlorine-free wood pulp the company sources from ‘sustainably managed forests.’


Blueland Clean Essentials Kit

blueland clean essentials kit

This minimal cleaning kit looks good, but don’t let the gorgeousness fool you. The refills come in handy tablet form, a waterless delivery system that is gentler on the environment by introducing less waste to the landfills.


Kitsch Shampoo Bar

kitsch tea tree shamoo bar

This fan-favorite shampoo comes in a planet-friendly bar form. Choose between nourishing, clarifying, hydrating, and strengthening formulations.


Reusable Grocery Bags

baggu reusable shopping bags

Are your reusable bags in need of a refresh? Baggu has reusable grocery bags for every possible mood — from retro to romantic.


Toothpaste Tablets

hello toothpaste tablets

Those plastic tubes of toothpaste NEVER break down in landfills, so toothpaste tablets that require minimal packaging is an idea we’re here for. Pop a tab in your mouth, take a sip of water, then brush your teeth. Boom. This is also good for those with kiddos who love to squeeze toothpaste just for the fun of it. No more waste.

SHOP AT ULTA – $8.99

Reusable Deodorant

dove reusable deodorant

When you hear the term ‘reusable deodorant,’ I bet you thought about some futuristic gadget that you have to rub on your pits. Not so. The reusable portion refers to the container itself. Buy the tin once, then refill with the deodorant when necessary.


Wool Dryer Balls

wool dryer balls

Grab these cute wool dryer balls and you won’t have to worry about running out of wasteful dryer sheets ever again. Not only are these environmentally friendly, they’re also very Instagram-friendly with their minimal aesthetic.



How have you gone green? Do you have any more sustainable swaps to share? Let us know in the comments below. 

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