Discover The Best Sustainable Swaps We’re Making This Earth Day

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Even though Earth Day happens only once a year, we can still take small yet actionable steps to help create a better environment for the next generation. If you’re new to sustainability and environmental advocacy, you can use Earth Day as a starting point for your eco-friendly journey.

Here are some of our favorite sustainable swaps to help get you started. By using these ethical products in place of traditional brands, you can begin decreasing your carbon footprint today.


sustainable swaps

Stasher Bags

Very easy and extremely pretty to use, these storage bags are made from non-toxic silicone. They have a super-secure seal (trust me, I’ve used liquids in them) and are microwave- and dishwasher-friendly. I stash my favorite fruits and veggies in these cute, reusable bags and feel good knowing I did my part to help reduce oceanic waste.

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From wiping away my makeup to cleaning out my ears (I know, gross, right?) I’m guilty of going through dozens of cotton swaps each week. LastSwab is my solution to traditional Q-Tips. These sustainable swaps can be effectively used over 1,000 times! They come in a fashionable carrying case that is completely biodegradable, making it easy to carry them around in my purse. The textured head easily collects old makeup and yucky gunk from my face and is simple to clean with soap and warm water.

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sustainable swaps

bees wrap

Bee’s Wrap

Target is a treasure-trove when it comes to finding stylish, sustainable brands. I adore Bee’s Wrap and always keep some in my kitchen. This reusable and washable alternative to plastic wrap comes in a pretty pattern and can easily fit over almost any bowl, plate, or Tupperware container. Wrap up leftover cheese, bread, and fruit in a breeze!

SHOP NOW – $18

Makeup Remover Towels

Cute and cushy on the face, Parachute makeup removing towels are the perfect sustainable solution for quick makeup removal. They compliment almost any bathroom décor and instantly wipe away stubborn makeup. The black color hides any stains that get on the towel, making them look great even after a few days of use.

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makeup towels

poop bags

Pod Bamboo Poop Bags

Being a city dweller, I have to pick up my dog’s poop every time he goes. Using normal plastic bags can really add up and impact the earth. This bright-green dog poop bag dispenser is made from degradable plastic and comes with 15 plant-based poop bags. It’s easy to clip the dispenser onto my leash or purse while out and about on a dog walk.

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Thinx Period Underwear

Okay, real talk: I’ve never heard any woman say that she adores pads. Those old-school maxi pads we all know (and probably don’t love) contain tons of toxic chemicals that can easily irritate our sensitive bits. They also pile up in landfills. If you haven’t given period panties a go yet, now’s the time to try. They’re actually really comfy and great to wear on your lighter days.

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period underwear

sustainable swaps

Cora Menstrual Cup

Another awesome period solution is the Cora Cup. This ultra-soft cup is really simple to insert and feels great all day long. In fact, you can safely wear it for up to 12 hours! It also comes with a gorgeous vegan leather clutch so you can discreetly stash it in your bag.

SHOP NOW – $45.99

Cloth Diapers

This one is for all of you earth-lovin’ mamas out there! If there’s one thing you need as a parent, it’s cloth diapers. This stylish 7-pack of diapers is budget-friendly and reusable. The highly absorbent four-layer bamboo polyester catches any leaks before they can become full-blown messes.

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cloth diapers


If you want to go green this Earth Day, definitely try these sustainable swaps. They’re sustainable, stylish, and get their job done!

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