Calling All Dog and Cat Moms – Here Are the Best Buys for Your Furry Friends

best buys for dogs and cats

Many people have decided to adopt or foster an animal during these stay at home orders, which is an amazing thing. Many shelters are empty or at super low capacity because people want to spend their quarantine time with a new furry friend. And honestly, when you’re home all the time is the best time to bond with and train a new member of the family. My animals are truly part of my family, especially my two dogs who I treat like babies. So I thought I would share with y’all some of my tried and true pet gadgets in case you’re a new pet parent or just looking for help with the small annoyances of pet ownership. Here you go!


kong leash
KONG Leash
This is the ONLY leash I will use for my big boy Leo. He is the cutest 120 lb mutt we've ever seen from our local Orange County shelter, and he loves to chew through any leash you put on him. Turn your back for one second and he will chew right through the leash! The KONG leash has been indestructible (so far). With a handy pouch to hold doggie bags, your keys, or anything else, it makes it even more of an asset while on a walk. For even more control, the second hand loop at the base helps when your pooch gets a little too "saucy" if other dogs get too close.
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paw cleaner
MudBuster Portable Paw Cleaner
I have two of these: one for my little dog, Mooshee and one for my big boy, Leo. We love to hike on nature trails but their paws and the back of their super floofy legs get full of mud and dirt. Yes, when you own an eskimo dog, Floofy becomes part of your everyday vocabulary. I fill the portable paw cleaner cups with warm soapy water, and insert their paw - the little scrubbers inside do all the work! So easy and they work so much better than just rinsing.
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cat water fountain
Cat Water Fountain
My son's cat Romeo is super smart and had learned how to turn on the bathroom faucet when he wanted a drink, but not to turn it off again. So we got him this water fountain for Christmas and it sits on the bathroom counter. He's super happy with it, leaves the faucet alone, and it's entertaining to watch for the kitties.
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cat backpack
Cat Backpack Carrier
We love to hike and this backpack is an easy way for my son to bring along his cat on short walks. He can see through the mesh and explore being outside, but still feels safe snuggled on Dad. And it's mesh rather than plastic so it's much less hot for them than the popular bubble style backpacks.
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Furminator Deshedding Tool
Most pets shed, we know this to be true - but still, when the seasons change and the shedding starts, it's always way more than you expect. The Furminator Deshedding tool saves my furniture, my vacuum and my sanity when Leo is in full shedding mode. I can brush him with this and fill a whole garbage bag full of hair- definitely enough to make a whole new dog! Make sure you get the one designed for the pet you have, they have so many options for all sizes and lengths of hair.
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pet hair removal brush
Pet Hair Removal Brush
So I mentioned the shedding, but we also have red velvet couches. And when Leo and Mooshee rub against them because it must feel nice when they're shedding and probably itchy, the couches practically turn pink from being covered in hair in 5 minutes flat! These lint brushes are fantastic, pull all the hair off and are reusable so no need to buy more.
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whitening shampoo
Whitening Shampoo for Dogs
People always ask me how I keep Mooshee so white, this is the shampoo I use. There's so many brands and styles for white dogs and I don't know how we got attached to this particular brand but I've been using it on her since she was a puppy and it also smells amazing.
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donut dog bed
Donut Cuddler Dog Bed
Mooshee basically refuses to sleep anywhere but curled up next to me or Gabi, but she does like this dog bed. I've probably tried 10 different dog beds for her and this is the only one she's ever bothered with. It's super soft and cozy and supposed to be supportive also.
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