My Secret Bath Time Hack Will Make You Run To The Tub

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One habit I adopted during quarantine that I am definitely not giving up is bath time! I have chronic lower back pain, which gives me a great excuse to take a hot bath pretty much daily. We all know about bath bombs and epsom salts, but I’m gonna let you in on a little bath time secret ingredient that you 100% already have in the pantry — baking soda.

Yep, that little baking ingredient can help you have a spa-tastic bath time! Here are all the baking soda bath benefits and how to make one for your next night in.


Baking Soda Bath Benefits

If you have some skin issues you’re wanting to clear up, a baking soda bath could be the perfect solution. These baking soda bath benefits come from baking soda’s pH — it’s super alkaline, so it’ll help neutralize anything ultra-acidic on your body (yeast infection, I’m looking at you). Seriously, a baking soda bath can help soothe anything from UTIs to poison ivy to eczema, or even your baby’s diaper rash. Only use up to 2 tablespoons in a baby’s bath though, and as always, consult your doctor first!

I love using baking soda in just a general detox bath. I tend to combine it with epsom salts and soak for aaages. I even feel healthier when I get out! And it makes my skin feel incredible. It’s a win-win-win!

How Do I Take A Baking Soda Bath?

First, obviously, you want to start filling the tub! Add anywhere from ¼-2 cups of baking soda, depending on what you’re trying to treat. Definitely start off on the lighter side if it’s your first time taking a detox bath, to minimize potential adverse reactions.

Then, grab anything else you need for your best bath experience. Candles, mood lighting, a laptop with some Netflix, a glass of wine, epsom salt (again, caution when using these two together — both are detoxifying, so you don’t want to double up too much!). And make sure to grab a big glass of water! Because baking soda baths are detoxifying, they can make you a bit dehydrated, so you want to have water on hand to drink during and after enjoying all these baking soda bath benefits.

Then, just soak for as little or as long as you want! After you’re done, make sure to drink plenty of water and pay attention to how your body feels. As always, consult your doctor when trying out any new health regimen. Happy soaking!


Do you already enjoy all the baking soda bath benefits? Are you going to add this to your routine? Let us know in the comments!

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