Oh Heal Yeah, I’m Sharing My Ayurvedic Wellness Regimen

A few years back, on the advice of my dear friend Teri who was studying Ayurvedic medicine at the time (she’s now a practitioner and y’all should be following her on Instagram @veda_body) I met with her professors to get a full work up done and evaluation based on Ayurvedic medical practices. I have always been in fairly good health and come from a healthy genetic background, but have had occasional digestive issues and some insomnia trouble, migraines and small things like that which I was wanting to address naturally if possible. I was completely blown away by the spot on analysis the doctors were able to give me, pinpointing specific physical complaints that I hadn’t even mentioned to them and recommending some minor lifestyle changes and some herbal ayurvedic remedies for me to add to my routine that I would benefit from.

The only trouble was that Ayurvedic herbs are relatively difficult to source. I have been ordering them in capsule and powder form online but I have had mixed luck with suppliers and products- some great, some totally ineffective. I would get capsules sometimes so large that I could barely swallow them or powder so bitter I couldn’t choke it down. So when I saw an ad recently for Apothékary, a new natural wellness company based on Ayurvedic principles, I went to their website with admittedly low expectations. In my past experience, many companies use Ayurvedic as a buzzword but the actual herbal density in their products is so low as to be completely pointless. 

Imagine my surprise when the website asked ALL the right questions and recommended to me many of the same herbs and blends that those first Ayurvedic doctors had recommended to me years ago based on my body type? And some of the tried and true blends I had been buying in capsule form they had in powders and everything was available right away and could be shipped to me in a cute little travel bag. They even had recipes to mix your powders into lattes and smoothie bowls, honestly I could not recommend this wellness brand more.

Here are the things I think are most effective (at least for me):



I ALWAYS take this, either by itself or in a blend and have for years. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that supports your adrenal glands and regulates your body’s response to stress. Since I can be prone to stress and adrenal fatigue, I need this- stress messes with my hormones and can cause weight gain, trouble sleeping, brain fog, etc.


I have had digestive issues and slow digestion since I was a kid. I am also prone to high cholesterol genetically. Triphala is a combination of three fruits that promotes a healthy digestive tract (it’s NOT a laxative). It has the added benefit of stabilizing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol.

Follow Your Gut

This blend contains Turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory and Astragalus, a stress reducing antiviral. The blend helps boost the immune system, heal the gut, reduce stress and can help with sleep issues.

And for vanity’s sake…


– Haters Say Its Photoshopped –


– Better Than Botox –

Full of anti-oxidants, these two blends are formulated to nourish dry, dull skin from the inside out and fight aging with collagen, Omega 7s, and anti-stress adaptogens. 

I definitely encourage you to hit up their website and take the online fix finder quiz to find out which products are right for you. With my referral link you’ll save $10! 

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