Plan Your Ideal Date And Find Out Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

Perfect Date Lipstick
You’re Mac’s Russian Red Lipstick!

what color lipstick should i wear quiz

You’re bold but you get along with everyone. While not everyone has as much confidence as you do, you always help them come into themselves and shine in their own beautiful way.
You’re NARS’ Instant Crush!

what color lipstick should i wear quiz

You’re a little flirty and cheeky when you’re out and about. You’re the playful one in any group and often get into a bit of trouble, but nothing you can’t get out of. While you love makeup, you never let it outshine your natural beauty.
You’re Yves Saint Laurent’s Chili Morocco!

what color lipstick should i wear quiz

When you walk into a room, you demand attention and respect. All eyes are on you and you know it. You make bold decisions in your life and in your makeup, so you require a bold lip to go along with them.
You’re Charlotte Tilbury’s Super Model!

what color lipstick should i wear quiz

You love high-quality things, but you don’t need to flaunt them. While makeup is fun, you never use it to look too different than how you usually look. You don’t adore the spotlight and you’re more than happy letting other people take it.


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