Coats For Days! Here’s Everything You Need To Steal This Olivia Pope Style

If you’re a sucker for a good outerwear moment, Olivia Pope from the hit show Scandal is going to be your outerwear fashion icon! Her fashion moments are incredibly classic, tasteful, and modern — she’s the perfect example of layering up stylishly. In today’s Steal Her Style, we’re going to be copping Olivia’s best coats so that you can conquer the winter season just like her!



Steal Her Style: Shawl Collar Wrap Coat

We LOVE the relaxed drape of the collar with the contrast of the tailored silhouette. An open front offers a carefree, casual element to the wrap coat balanced by its luxe, heavyweight fabrication. It drapes beautifully on Olivia and pairs well with any outfit. The light, neutral creamy taupe shade also makes this piece transitional for all occasions. Wear this with a high-neck top and slim trousers for a sharp, business ensemble or with a sparkly wrap dress for NYE!


Steal Her Style: Peplum Coat

First of all, love those bangs on her. Second of all, the blush color of her coat is gorgeous! The peplum/princess silhouette is so flattering for every body type and creates such a feminine contrast to the darker colors and straight lines of the rest of the outfit. Wearing an outerwear piece with a princess silhouette hugs the natural contours of the body and will eliminate the look of bulkiness which can be an issue with cold weather fashion. You can achieve a similar Olivia Pope look with a peplum jacket or blazer as well. Perfect for layering and looks especially chic with trousers!

Steal Her Style: Slouch Single-Breasted Coat

Olivia elevates her outerwear look by pairing her single-breasted coat with sleek, ivory gloves. Her coat in this is unique as it features cropped sleeves and a drop shoulder dolman silhouette. We also love how her accessories are in the same color family as her coat creating a chic, sophisticated look. To emulate her style, you’ll want to opt for simple accessories and a belted coat in a similar shade. You’ll also want to look for a piece with buttons and a standing collar for the ability to create a draped, folded finish. A slouch fit is also ideal to achieve a similar look to the dolman sleeve silhouette of Olivia’s piece.

Steal Her Style: White Trench Coat

Ready to take your trench coat styling to the next level? One of our favorite Olivia Pope outerwear looks is her modern take on the trench coat. A white colorway is extremely chic in an understated way and will make you a fashion standout no matter where you are. Luckily for you, trench coats are one of the staple outerwear pieces of the season and you’ll be able to find them at pretty much every major retailer. Stay ahead of the trends by picking out a white one instead!

Steal Her Style: Cape Coat

One of Olivia’s outerwear pieces on rotation is her cape coat! This one in particular features a more structured fit, along with buttons and a pattern but this all-white outfit is just as gorgeous. The key to styling a cape coat is to keep the outfit simple and let the cape coat be the centerpiece. We recommend paying attention to the lengths of each garment and keeping the colors solid. To accessorize, wear gloves like Olivia (if you’re not wearing a long sleeve top) and a classic, contemporary pair of earrings.


Steal Her Style: Black Double-Breasted Coat

Last but certainly not least, Olivia shows us that a staple black double-breasted coat should be a coat essential in every woman’s closet. Olivia wears hers buttoned and belted but any style will do! The key here is to opt for a piece that hits at your knee so that it can be paired proportionally with knee-high boots, dresses, or pants. Additionally, a wool-felt fabrication similar to what she’s wearing will give your look more shape and add warmth as well.

Finally: Accessorize Like Olivia!



Which of Olivia Pope’s outerwear looks is your favorite? What do you love most about her style? Share with us in the comments!

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