Marketing and Branding Invisalign

Invisalign revolutionized the orthodontic industry over two decades ago — helping patients discreetly align their smiles without the uncomfortable brackets and wires of traditional braces treatment. Since it’s been awhile since their inception, it’s important to find new ways to showcase Invisalign’s advantages to your patients to remind them why Invisalign is a great choice for their clear aligner treatment. 

Highlight Experience

Since its start in the late nineties, Invisalign has treated over 15 million patients worldwide. Though there are many other clear aligner companies on the market, there aren’t any others with such a robust track record as Invisalign. That could be why so many patients use the terms “clear aligner” and “Invisalign” interchangeably. 

Thanks to their tiered provider system, Invisalign offers transparency into the experience level of each of their providers. This also helps the providers themselves; since patients can narrow their search using Invisalign’s Doctor Locator tool to hone in on doctors  in the specific tier of their interest. 

Though there’s a certain cache that comes with being a high tier provider (Diamond or Diamond Plus), there’s an appeal for every tier level in the eyes of a patient. For instance, some patients may be more interested to work with a less experienced provider, since they know the cost could be lower to attract as many Invisalign patients as possible. 

As a provider, be sure to use your Invisalign tier to your advantage. As you probably know, the higher your tier the bigger your discounts on lab fees, which can help you lower your costs to patients — giving you a competitive edge. 

Insurance and FSA/HSA

There are more ways to straighten your smile than ever, but Invisalign maintains its competitive edge thanks to the opportunity to use orthodontic insurance and (in most cases), its eligibility for Flexible Savings Accounts and Health Savings Accounts funds. Other in-office treatments are likely to also receive coverage, but in some cases it can be difficult to get coverage for at-home clear aligners — since this is such a new form of treatment. 

Although Invisalign (and any orthodontic treatment for that matter) is an investment, being able to count on coverage from insurance and tax-free funds can help make this option much easier for a patient to fit into their budget. Your office can help educate patients about all of the ways their workplace benefits can help their Invisalign treatment become more affordable. 

Invisalign Teen

All orthodontic treatment requires a high level of patient responsibility. That said, since clear aligners are removable, user compliance is critical. For a variety of reasons, this level of patient compliance isn’t always easy for young patients to maintain. 

That’s why Invisalign created Invisalign Teen. This is a modified form of the traditional clear aligner treatment that helps motivate younger users to meet the daily wear goals. They do this with small dots towards the back of the aligner, that fade according to the patient’s wear. While patients are wearing the aligners, these dots are out of sight — so the treatment is just low profile as the traditional option. 

Not only is this system great for treatment, it also builds the skills your younger patients can apply to their aftercare. After all, the only way to keep a freshly aligned smile in position is by wearing a retainer after treatment. Developing good wear habits during treatment gives your teen patients the tools they need to maintain their new smile in the long run. 

The orthodontic world is full of options, but with these tips on marketing and branding Invisalign at your practice, you can help show all your patients why Invisalign is the best clear aligner technology for their needs.

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