Love Little Big Town’s Music? You Need To Check Out These Underrated Artists

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Little Big Town has been sweeping the charts since 2002 and their 2020 album “Nightfall” reassured their fans that they are here to stay. If their music is your fave, here are some underrated country artists that you will love!


Ingrid Andress

Ingrid Andress took over 2020 with her song “More Hearts than Mine,” a song about how a breakup can affect family and friends. Her breakout album “Lady Like” is cohesive and is a great album to dance and cry to.

Carly Pearce

Another up-and-comer, Carly Pearce released a self-titled album in 2020. She duetted with Lee Brice in “I Hope You’re Happy Now” which they performed at the 2020 CMAs. Her sound is soft and often emotional.

Tenille Towns

If you’ve heard “Somebody’s Daughter,” a song about reflecting on what a homeless woman has been through, you’ll know that Tenille Townes has a voice and message to be heard. Many of her songs focus on storytelling and deep emotions. If you’d like to think about the world, her discography is a deep dive!


Lakeview has not put out their first album yet, but with the singles they have out, they’re already promising. A classic country twist with hints of pop-rock, the duo is bringing their unique style to the genre.

Brittney Spencer

“Compassion” is a tale about being thankful for the little freedoms we have. Brittney Spencer has a smooth tone and writing style that makes her one of my favorite underrated country artists of 2021. Keep an eye on her, because she will be making big waves this year.

Tyra Madison

With a TikTok video about her song “Right Girl Wrong Time,” Tyra Madison blew up online. Now with over 200,000 listens on Spotify, her popularity is growing. With a voice similar to that of Carrie Underwood, Madison will take over the country radio stations this year.


Any underrated country artists we missed that remind you of Little Big Town? Comment below to let us know who you’ll be listening to in 2021!

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