I Tried These 6 Japanese Beauty Products And I’m Never Going Back

Japan has always been a Mecca for beauty inspo. From the crystal clear skin and bold makeup of the geishas to the innovative hair, skin, and makeup products of today, Japanese beauty (dubbed “J-Beauty”) products are quickly being gobbled up by beauty gurus everywhere.

From smudge-proof eyeliner to OG formulas crafted from traditional Japanese ingredients such as camellia flower and rice tea, here are six products from the Japanese beauty trend that you need to try right now. 


japanese beauty trend

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara

I don’t know about you, but I’m a religious wearer of mascara. Even if I’m rocking a fresh face, I’ll still pile on the mascara and lip balm. However, since I have ultra-fine lashes, I need a product that thickens and curls. Thankfully, the good people over at Kiss Me have created a mascara that does just that. The Heroine Make Mascara from Kiss Me instantly thickens and volumizes lashes for gorgeous, perky peepers. I’m obsessed with the fact that this mascara also includes ingredients that naturally protect sensitive lashes from damage and won’t run from tears, sweat, or oils. It’s the perfect product for the wedding, gym, or tear-jerking flick.

SHOP NOW – $15.80

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

As a woman who still suffers from oily skin in her mid-30’s, this cleansing oil from DHC is a godsend. It’s a great makeup remover for all skin types (including mine) and instantly melts and removes impurities. The cutting-edge formula binds with daily grime, makeup, and sunscreen and instantly washes off with warm water and no residue. This cleansing oil is so loved that one bottle allegedly sells every 10 seconds. Quick, efficient, and simple — my kind of skincare product.

SHOP NOW – $28

dhc cleansing oil

japanese beauty trend

MyKirei by Kao Conditioner

Get ready to turn your daily shower into a sanctuary with this totally yummy conditioner. I love that this product is vegan friendly, paraben-free, and 95% biodegradable. Not only does it promise luscious locks, but it’s also ethical for the earth. TY for introducing us to this one, Japanese beauty trend!

SHOP NOW – $17.49

Yu-Be Hydrating Moisturizer

Who else suffers from dry skin all of the time? If you want to hydrate and nourish dry and cracking skin, grab a bottle of Yu-Be lotion. This creamy lotion glides on my legs like warm butter and instantly smoothes and soothes my skin. It even works wonders on my elbows and heels! The best part of all is that this product doesn’t feel greasy or gooey. It just feels good.

SHOP NOW – $29

yu-be lotion

japanese beauty trend

Cure Aqua Gel Exfoliator

After doing my due diligence and thoroughly researching this product, I’m still not too sure how it works. Probably magic (as with most of the Japanese beauty trend products, tbh). However, this exfoliating gel is made from 91% hydrogen water and gently removes dead skin to reveal the beauty underneath. It also contains soothing botanical ingredients like aloe, ginkgo, and rosemary.

SHOP NOW – $38

Hada Laba Tokyo Skin Plumping Gel Cream

As a 37-year-old woman, I’m on a constant mission to find skincare products that deliver results. And let me tell you, this one really does. This silky and hydrating plumping gel saturates my skin and leaves it feeling silky and soft. It also helps to zap fine lines and wrinkles. Ladies, a little goes a long way with this product! Only use a dollop for a penetrating and radiant glow that takes years off.

SHOP NOW – $18.79

skin plumping cream


Will you be jumping on the Japanese beauty trend? Which products are you going to try? Let us know in the comments!

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