Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’ Is Back In All Its Glory With A Stunning Finale

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Insecure is back for season 5 and then it’s over (sad face emoji). 

The groundbreaking, award-winning HBO series focuses on the lives — and loves — of four Black friends in Los Angeles. 

The dramedy was created by comedian and actor Issa Rae (who stars as a fictionalized version of herself) and is based on Rae’s 2011 web series Awkward Black Girl

Insecure revolves around Issa Dee (Rae) and her clique — Molly (Yvonne Orji), Kelli (Natasha Rothwell), and Tiffany (Amanda Seales). 

The tight-knit group of friends are trying to navigate life, love, and everything in between. 

There are breakups, makeups, more breakups and a few more makeups — if you haven’t seen it, stop reading and start binging. 



Now that you’re all caught up, you know that season 5 picks up two months after season 4 wrapped, with the girls going to Stanford for their 10-year college reunion. 

At the end of last season, Issa and Molly’s BFF status was up in the air, and Kelli was her usual bubbly self while trying to mend Molly and Issa’s fractured friendship. 

Tiffany is recovering from a serious bout of postpartum depression, Molly is single again after she and Andrew (Alexander Hodge) broke up, and Issa and Lawrence (Jay Ellis) FINALLY get back together (yay!). 

Issa and Lawrence’s relationship has been an anchor of the show, with both dating other people after the season 1 breakup only to end up sort of back together — it never stuck. 

Until last season, when it looked like it was gonna stick! Yay! 

And just when we think the couple get their happy ending? BAM! Lawrence’s ex-girlfriend Condola (Christina Elmore) was pregnant, throwing a baby monkey wrench into the long-awaited reunion.

What Will Insecure Season 5 Bring?

At the end of the final season’s first ep, Molly and Issa seem to be getting their friendship back on track, agreeing to move forward. 

Stanford thinks Kelli is dead for some unknown reason and has published an In Memoriam in the alumni magazine. 

Kelli says, “Maybe this is a good time to get off the grid. I do have some other identities I’ve been meaning to try out.” 

After the reunion, Lawrence picks Issa up from the airport. As Issa is standing on the curb with her luggage, she tells him that’s “she’s had a chance to think.”

By the tears in her eyes, we know they’re not going to be able to overcome the hurdle of another woman having his baby. Lawrence nods solemnly — he knows it’s too much. 

Are they meant to be? Not at the beginning of this season. But you never know…

Why Insecure Is Groundbreaking 

Insecure is a milestone for lots of reasons, but first and foremost, it’s the first series created by and starring a Black woman in the main role. 

Not only is the show funny — it’s also a deep emotional dive into the lives of 20-something Black women’s trials and tribulations. It makes you laugh, cry, then laugh harder when you just stopped crying. 

It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that showcases the amazing talent of the cast, and TV is better for it. 

Mirror, Mirror

My favorite part of Insecure is when Issa gives herself affirmations, mainly via rap, to her mirror reflection. 

Issa is her own hype woman in the series, but she’s unsure about herself, hence the title of the show. 

Basically, she’s relatable as fuck and that’s why the show has resonated with a huge audience. 

In addition to the highs and lows of relationships, Insecure also traverses the ups and downs of female friendships. 

It highlights how women come together to unconditionally show up for and love one another. 

They value themselves and each other and know they deserve greatness — whether it’s with a partner, a job or life in general. 

They prop up each other and won’t settle for less — a message women should mirror. 

To celebrate Issa and Insecure, we’ve compiled some of our favorite quotes and mirror affirmations.  

Best Quotes From Insecure

“Black women aren’t bitter, they’re just tired of being expected to settle for less.”

“Oh, so now y’all wanna be woke when a bitch been an alarm clock since Day 1? Well, beep beep, motherfuckers! BEEEEEP! BEEEEEP!”

“Issa: Can you teach me how to ho?

Molly: Bitch, that’s rude…and yes.”

“My ho-tation. I make the rules. Get in my line-up.”

“Girl, What Is So Crazy About Buying Fake Desserts To Bring To Andrew So I Can See If Nathan’s Home?”

“Just because we have standards does not make us difficult.”

“Fuck feeling feelings.”

“I’m just saying why can’t black men explore their sexuality without being labeled as gay or bi or whatever?”

Issa’s Mirror Affirmations 

“Hey, mirror b***h / You’re lookin’ real clean / You’re lookin’ real bad / You’re lookin’ like a queen.”

“Go for it go, go for it, go / Ho for it, ho for it, ho.”

When you kinda know your Game of Thrones. 

Finally, a compilation.


Are you excited for ‘Insecure’ season 5? Tell us in the comments! 

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