Glennon Doyle Quotes To Make You Unleash Your Untamed Self

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If you’ve never heard of Glennon Doyle before, you’re missing out on one of the most brilliant, hard-working, and brutally honest women in the world. This woman is powerful. She’s written three #1 New York Times bestsellers: Untamed, Love Warrior, and Carry On, Warrior. Currently, she’s hosting her own podcast, We Can Do Hard Things.

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But her fame doesn’t end there. She has also created her online community called the Momastery and created and leads Together Rising, an all-woman-led non-profit organization that supports women throughout the world. 

Glennon writes from experience, her heart, and her soul. Her brilliant mind is evident as you read her work and by the end of each of her books, you feel as though you’re her best friend. Today, we chose our favorite Glennon Doyle quotes that speak to us on a whole new level.


On Independence

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“This life is mine alone. So I have stopped asking people for directions to places they’ve never been.”

“It’s nearly impossible to blaze one’s own path while following in someone else’s footprints.”

“I decided that if I kept doing the ‘right’ thing, I would spend my life following someone else’s directions instead of my own.”

On Life

“The truest, most beautiful life never promises to be an easy one.”

“Every beautiful thing in life comes out of the mess.”

“Trusting people is terrifying. Maybe if love is not a little scary and out of our control, then it is not love at all.”

On Integrity

“People will like me or not, but being liked is not my One Thing; integrity is… I’m willing to lose anything that requires me to hide any part of myself.”

“Every truth is a kindness, even if it makes others uncomfortable. Every untruth is an unkindness, even if it makes others comfortable.”

“Every time you’re given the choice between disappointing someone else and disappointing yourself, your duty is to disappoint that someone else.”

On Love

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“The only meaningful thing we can offer one another is love. Not advice, not questions about our choices, not suggestions for the future, just love.”

“I have met myself and I am going to care for her fiercely.”

“Every girl must decide whether to be true to herself or true to the world. Every girl must decide to settle for adoration or fight for love.”

On Pain

“What if in skipping the pain, I was missing my lesson?”

“What if pain — like love — is just a place brave people visit?”

“Since brokenness is the way of folks, the only way to live peacefully is to forgive everyone constantly, including yourself.”


Did these Glennon Doyle quotes inspire you as much as they did us? Have you read her books before? Comment below!

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