Look Hot While You Save The World With These Conscious Beauty Brands

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One of my resolutions for 2021: support more conscious beauty brands. Too many times have I thrown away a product, guilt looming over me as I acknowledge that it’s just not sustainable. I’ve made excuses for it, but now, I’m consciously looking for better brands. I went down the rabbit hole that is the internet, and I’ve found brands that are working to create a waste-free world and support sustainable efforts. Here’s the brands I loved!



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Cocokind is aiming to, in their own words, “disrupt the status quo in the beauty industry.” This conscious beauty company is transparent about what’s in their products, from emulsifiers to hero ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin and why it’s there. 

They’re also dedicated to sustainability. There are three phases they are working through to achieve all-around sustainability. Currently in phase one, they’re “researching and measuring what [their] current impact is at the product and company level” – aka measuring emissions in all sectors of the company’s production.

And, an added bonus – cocokind has its own foundation (not the makeup kind) dedicated to providing grants to women entrepreneurs who are in the health, wellness, and sustainability industries. 

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Aveda was founded based on Ayurvedic principles (Ayurvedic = Indian holistic healing for your mind, body, and spirit using natural herbs). All products are vegan, but that’s not even the best part!

Demonstrating its environmentally-friendly values, Aveda partnered up with Nisarga, which grows herbs with organic agriculture. Their extraction method uses CO2, meaning there are no toxins. Nisarga also holds seminars educating farmers on the practice of organic agriculture, rather than using fertilizers and pesticides. And they walk the walk, paying for the organic certification costs for farmers they work with.

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La Bouche Rouge

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This brand was founded in Paris, but its conscious beauty initiatives have swept the beauty world thanks to its fantastic products. If the colors aren’t enough to convince you that it’s worth the buy, then consider its eco-friendly mission.

There’s no plastic involved, no animal products (not even beeswax – they removed it despite using it earlier), and their products are refillable. This conscious beauty brand is cruelty-free and vegan, too!

As their founder says, “Green Beauty” is relevant to clean formulas. But La Bouche Rouge takes it a step further with their “Blue Beauty” – clean for the products, the planet, and the producers.

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Rituals has a variety of products, from bath foam to body wash to shower oil, cleansers for your skin, and conditioner and shampoo for your hair. They also have clothing – yogis, this is your place to shop! Sustainability, however, is also very important to the conscious beauty brand. 

Rituals has a plan set in place to become the most clean and eco-friendly brand. By 2023, they aim to have 90% of natural ingredients in their products; by 2025, they hope to have products that are refillable, recyclable, and/or made from recycled materials.

 They’ve also created the Clean & Conscious tool, which focuses on CO2 output, water usage, and responsible sourcing. By focusing on this tool, the company aims to become more sustainable starting this year. On top of that, they’ve partnered with Tiny Miracles since 2011, working to eradicate poverty in Mumbai. Giving back to the world is their mission.

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This conscious beauty company began when their scientists discovered an effective and accessible cure for malaria, inspiring a look into skincare from their biotechnology. Since then, this conscious beauty brand has become one of the top brands that is eco-friendly.

First, there are no harmful, toxic ingredients in their products – this means banning more than 2,000 ingredients. Then, the packaging is completely recyclable, using carton made from renewable sugarcane paper without inks or dyes. Then, in partnership with CarbonFund.org, they save 22 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.

 And their efforts for creating a better world don’t stop there. At the core of each product is their renewable, sugarcane-derived squalene, an ethical and vegan hydrator. They created this due to the mass hunting of sharks for this oil, located in their livers. In doing so, they’ve saved 2 million sharks every year. 

And on top of this, the brand is a vocal supporter of organizations including Black Lives Matter and the Breast Cancer Prevention Partnership. Biossance stops at nothing to create a healthier environment, and we are here for it!

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We love these conscious beauty brands most for their missions and efforts to keep the world clean. Which are your favorite conscious beauty brands? Have you tried these? Let us know below! 

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