Dress Like A Bridgerton With Our Favorite Royally Chic, Modernized Style Steals!

Bridgerton’s popularity has skyrocketed since its recent release on Netflix. It’s a Gossip Girl and Pride and Prejudice mashup — drama, drama, and more drama. The whole show is also total eye candy. We can’t take our eyes off the screen — partially because of the steamy romance scenes, but mostly because of the gorgeous sets, scenery, and costume designs. It’s too bad we’re living in 2021 and not in the early 1800’s! However, we can still reimagine our royalty dreams with today’s Bridgerton fashion inspired style steals! We’re taking a modern twist on some of Bridgerton’s repeating fashion themes and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to incorporate Bridgerton’s styling into your wardrobe today.


Bridgerton Blue

Image Source: Netflix

This beautiful baby blue is the color of the Bridgerton family and one that Daphne wears the most often. It’s such a soft color that pairs well with creams, and we won’t be surprised at all if this becomes one of the trending colors this spring along with other pastel hues.


Lace and Tulle

Image Source: Netflix

If we’re talking royalty, we can’t leave out lace and tulle! These fabrications are often incorporated into the costume designs, utilized in the main body or in the accessories to add a soft, feminine touch. To modernize, we recommend rocking lace and tulle in crop silhouettes with ruched and smocked detailing. Tulle used for mock necklines is also super chic and you can never go wrong with tulle hair accessories to glam up your look. All-over lace may be a bit much for some, so wearing a piece with lace inserts is a great modern option that creates interest.

Maximalist Styling

Image Source: Netflix

Modern styling incorporates a lot more minimalism and refinement compared to the 1800’s, but maximalist styling can bring a level of drama that’s aesthetically pleasing and fashion-forward. It can actually be a breath of fresh air these days when neutral palettes and minimalist styling have been popularized all over social media. Bridgerton incorporates a lot of feathers, bows, pearls, and embellishments into many of their looks. In this case, more is better! Throw in an accessory from head to toe. Also don’t forget to add in some jewel tones for a regal touch. We recommend rocking one or two statement pieces in your modern look, and don’t shy away from playing with different textures in one outfit just like the ladies of the 1800’s.


Image Source: Netflix

Wearing brocade is a royally chic way of embodying the opulence of the 1800’s. Brocade is decorative woven fabric utilized often for formal wear, drapery, and costumes, but we’re now seeing it used for contemporary fashion. Rocking brocade in modern silhouettes, like our featured picks below, is a perfect marriage between the 1800’s and 2000’s. If you have a dressy occasion coming up, opt for brocade and prepare for all the compliments!

Empire Waist Dresses

Image Source: Netflix

I am OBSESSED with this silhouette for many reasons, but the main one is how unbelievably comfortable it is! I love that it’s not restrictive at all the in the mid-section and still super flattering on the body. The babydoll dress made a huge comeback last year and Bridgerton has revived this beloved silhouette (we’ll be seeing plenty of this in 2021). To achieve a Bridgerton-inspired look, opt for a rounded square neckline with trims or patterns and puff-sleeves or flutter sleeves.

Sweeping Skirts

Image Source: Netflix

Bridgerton’s fashion is basically a petition to bring back full and flowing maxi skirts and we are so here for it. Satin midi skirts have been around for a minute now and it’s time to change things up! This style may feel dated but it’s super easy to modernize and will give you an effortless look perfect for so many occasions. Pair with a crop top for summer days on the beach or a bow blouse for business meetings. The maxi length is modest while the swing and fullness of the skirt adds an element of playfulness. It’s a classic, effortless look and there are countless ways to style it.


For a deeper dive into Bridgerton’s costume design, check out this video below!


Are you as obsessed with Bridgerton fashion as we are? What’s your favorite Bridgerton style steal? Let us know in the comments!

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