Ladies, It’s Time To Refresh Your Underwear Drawer With These Top Brands

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We talk about sustainability a lot here at Monet, but one category of sustainable apparel that often gets neglected is sustainable underwear brands. We’re in favor of getting the maximum amount of wear time out of your clothes, but bras and underwear are a different story — and I was yesterday years old when I learned that your bra and underwear should never celebrate a birthday.

Okay, that’s slight hyperbole. It wasn’t literally yesterday but it may as well have been, because it happened less than a month ago. I was attending a Galentine’s Day event at the local running store where the staff had enticed us with free swag, snacks, and a sale on all sports bras. Come for the brunch; stay for the bras.

I came for the brunch, scoffed at the bras. At least, at first. And then I read the flyer with that fateful fact about your underwear.

“Don’t get too attached,” the bolded letters screamed. “Your bra should never celebrate a birthday.”

Wait, what? I reacted in my head (though my bewilderment was probably palpable). Nervously, I pulled at my own stretched-out sports bra, which had not only seen one birthday, but at least three.

My bra was officially a toddler.

On that day, I vowed to refresh my entire underwear drawer. But despite the alluring discount, I wasn’t going to empty my wallet for the first pair of underwear and sports bra I tried on. While I’m incorrigibly impulsive in some ways, when it comes to purchasing apparel, I’m painstakingly meticulous with my research.

I went home and committed to my mission: compile the best sustainable underwear brands to buy from, so that my geriatric bras and underwear would never see another birthday. New year, new me.

And, hopefully, new you, too! While your sports bra is probably a baby compared to mine, it’s never too early to splurge on a new set. If you’re just as inspired to retire your old intimates, today is your lucky day. From eco-friendly brands to charity-focused companies, here are our top bra and underwear brands that will make over your wardrobe.


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The Boody brand prides themselves on protecting the planet! Their sustainable fabric is formed from breathable bamboo, which involves no pesticides, no fertilizer, and low water consumption. The company also emphasizes fair wages for their workers and charitable contributions to malaria-fighting nonprofits. As for the comfort of their clothing? The Boody Feel Good Guarantee promises to refund the price of your first purchase if you’re not 100% satisfied within 30 days. Plus, you’ll get free shipping for all orders over $49!


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As their slogan says, “There’s no Parade without our planet!” This brand promises their products are made from reclaimed, recycled, responsible, renewable, or regenerative materials. And don’t forget diversity — the company celebrates community with plenty of size- and gender-inclusive options. Plus, Parade donates 1% of every order to causes like free therapy, shelter, hot meals for marginalized youth, and free breast cancer exams for minority women. Don’t worry, you won’t go broke for these bras: shop and save with Parade’s 2 for $40 discount.


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We’ve raved about Allbirds before, and we’re happy to hype them up again! The company shines when it comes to simplicity and sustainability, with natural, renewable materials like merino wool and tree fiber. Allbirds isn’t shy about their long-term goals: by December 2025, they strive for 75% sustainably sourced materials, a reduction in carbon footprint by 25%, a reduction in raw materials use by 25%, and double the lifetime of apparel. The brand boasts close partnership with fair-trade factories, where ethical and humane practices are key. From bikini bottoms to bras and briefs, you’ll be more than satisfied with the softness of these products, and you can choose from countless colors as well!


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If you’re a podcast addict like me, then you probably know about Bombas — they’re the brand on every ad break that strives to help the homeless. For every Bombas product you purchase, the company will donate an item to someone affected by homelessness. So far, Bombas has donated more than 50 million items to 3,500 community organizations, and they’re committed to giving even more. Plus, all products have been tested for maximum durability and comfort, so you’re guaranteed to feel warm and fuzzy inside and out. And don’t forget about the discount — all customers get 20% off on their first order (use code COMFORT20), and orders over $50 ship free!


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The Knix slogan states that “The perfect bra does exist” — and with the brand’s virtual bra fittings, you just might find it on their website! The company specializes in comfy wireless bras and leak-proof underwear, so you’ll feel sexy and supported while sporting their styles. Knix is another brand that commits to sustainability and charity, so they give back to both the planet and the community. Through the Positive Returns project, the company has donated more than 35,000 bras to women’s shelters across America. Definitely take advantage of the brand’s cost-saving deals — Knix offers 30-day risk-free returns and free shipping on orders over $75!

Girlfriend Collective

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Girlfriend Collective emphasizes being eco-friendly. Most of the fabrics are made from recyclable materials, including post-consumer water bottles that would otherwise clog landfills. Plus, the Regirlfriend program lets you send back your old Girlfriend item for store credit, so the company can turn old stuff into new stuff. Don’t miss out on Girlfriend’s top-drawer discount — mix and match up to 7 pairs of underwear to save up to $30!


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Knickey is no stranger to sustainability, with an earth-minded vision achieved through organic cotton. The company has a virtual fitting room so you can figure out your perfect size — and if you find yourself with something that doesn’t fit, the exchange and return process is a breeze. Can’t decide which styles to buy? Grab yourself the Knickey Starter Set and try all five. Shipping is free for all U.S. orders over $75!

Third Love

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From bras, to bikinis, to boy shorts, hipsters to high briefs, Third Love has something for everyone. The company’s Fitting Room Quiz helps you avoid “bra-blems” by ensuring you’ll find your perfect fit (plus, you’ll get 10% off your first order with the quiz). If you’re still not convinced, check out the site’s education section for a size chart, style guide, breast shape dictionary, and more. Third Love hails everyday heroes and offers a 15% discount to military, veterans, medical professionals, first responders, and teachers. Free standard shipping for orders over $100!


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The Pact brand touts themselves as “Earth’s favorite clothing” for their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. The brand is equally focused on community — they partner with fair-trade factories to ensure ethical practices for employees. Bonus for the charity-minded: you can easily reuse Pact packaging to donate old clothes to your favorite nonprofit. Join the company’s email list and receive 20% off your first order!


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Aerie is your answer for ultimate underwear versatility. The brand sells everything from high-cuts and cheekies to boy briefs and thongs (and everything in between). Aerie tackles sustainability with its REAL GOOD Collection, a lineup of lingerie and more made from recycled, raw materials. And the company isn’t just an apparel shop — it’s also known for its REAL talk community, which highlights women’s voices through empowering workshops and stories. Stop by the body-confidence blog, and then, build your own confidence when you save up to 40% on their collection!


Do you already shop any of these sustainable underwear brands? Which underwear items do you love? Let us know in the comments!

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